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2009 0 360

Eurogamer exclusive ingame video

Who delivers? Shaz does again of course!

At 27-05-2009, 12:19 PM: Shaz posted us a nice new footage on youtube that he had managed to get ahold of on the eurogamer page, the footage below shows us some nice new ingame images. So guys get watching!

OFP DR gameplay footage 27/5

The thread about the new footage can be found here.

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2009 0 360

OFP2 Tube Account Suspended

We finally did it, we collected so much content, and became so popular, so quickly that YouTube has put the brakes on us. Currently the OFP2 and all its videos and playlists are suspended for a unknown amount of time.’

To me it looks like I have hit an “You have had so many IP warnings” trigger, that leads to a suspension. The one to push us over was IDG Entertainment Media GmbH – Makers of GameStar/GamePro. Either that or the claim caused a review of the account and they figured we never got permission for any of the content. The second is unlikely as it can trigger legal backlash.

As well if anyone be down the road of removing a suspension on a YouTube account, or good ideas post them here.

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