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Xfire has been Hoffifed

Presumably for april fools, Xfire was Hoffifed and now sports everyones favourite – The hoff all over the site. It’s a little hard on your eyes but a nice change I think. Go see for your self on the OFP2 Xfire page.

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We are up on Xfire!

It’s Official Operation Flashpoint’s Official Forum’s Community Group is now live on XFIRE’s clan page.

XFIRE featured clan OFP2

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OFP:DR wins Xfire clan of the month

It is with great pleasure that I announce that overnight (for North America), the Heroes of OFP2 (The Community Forum Group) won the Xfire Clan of the month.

This is a great achievement for OFP2, and the community behind it. My thanks thanks go to everyone who made this happen!

Also a thanks to Helios and the CM producer for the heads up,

View: Xfire’s Email announcement
View: Original Post that won it
Go to: The Xfire Group Page

I would like to remind everyone to keep promoting day to day. Don’t see this achievement as a end or a time to let up promoting community growth and development. A large strong Xfire benefits us all – it’s a great show of community power and strength. Not to mention a great tool for events, instant messaging and stat collection. It will also be the staging ground for the community servers and ingame events.

So keep it bookmarked. I’m working on getting a server inbound, I’m just trying to get enough ‘image’ to convince people to donate a $400 USD a month server to a gaming group.

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Drive in Style with a Custom TrackMania Car!

stadiumcarww7 Drive in Style with a Custom TrackMania Car!

Once again AlexVesten (community artist extraordinaire) pulls though for the OFP2 community once again. Contracted by Sir. Polaris to “Pimp zee OFP2 Auto” on TrackMania, AlexVesten leaped to the task and in less then 3 days time produced a fine skin for OFP2 racing in TrackMania.

Others have taken it upon them selves to get into the TrackMaina spirit and have created their own custom car skins and affixing a [OFP2] tag to the end of their TrackMania names.

If you would like to start racing, click here to read more.

Right now work is being done to get this car ingame. This post will be updated when it is complete.

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TrackMania Fever hits the OFP2 community!

nations en TrackMania Fever hits the OFP2 community!

It’s official TrackMaina fever has hit the Operation Flashpoint communtiy. You can now play with a good chunk of the active OFP2 community,

Read More

– Quick Start Guide –

  1.  header bandeau TrackMania Fever hits the OFP2 community!
  2. Install XFIRE
  3. Go to the Official Forums and get your profile ID
  4. Use your profile ID to apply to the OFP2 XFIRE group.
  5. Load you TrackMania and add the following people to your buddy list:
    • ubermachtig
    • Tibs_
    • ricbar86
    • Justin_Kelly
    • novelekehe
    • Blackhawk1006
    • dead3yez
    • tyrokiller
  6. Connect to IRC and idle.
  7. Check Xfire to see if anyone is playing TrackMania
  8. Chat in IRC and inform people that your new and ready to play
    • This will let everyone know to reset there game clients to accept your freindship
  9. Connect on ubermachtig’s name to get into the OFP2 server.
  10. Enjoy!
  11. When finished for the day, reply TrackMania Fever hits the OFP2 community! in the “Trackmania days with the OFP2 community!” in the off-topic. We want to know who’s playing and hear about your experience.
  12. Check back to this website (http://operationflashpoint2.org) and IRC for OFP2 Trackmania updates.

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Merry Chrismas!

Merry Chrismas Operation Flashpoint 2 Community!

For those whom Celebrate – Enjoy and go nuts !

Don’t Forget to post your loot in the Offtopic! If your not already Signed up on XFIRE, make sure you get it and get in the game – You never knows, some one might get the same game as you for Chrismas!

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