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2009 0 360

Xbox 360 World Preview

The scanned mag talks about how flashpoint has retained it’s unique selling feature and that the game is still as hard as it’s predeccessor.

Also the article seems to go into the possibility of having less tracer rounds in hardcore mode.


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2009 0 360

Co-Op Video to be released tomorrow [Xbox 360]

Helios 1h ago announced the release of long awaited for Co-Op video will be tomorrow. The Video is expected to drop tomorrow at approximately 2pm BST/9am EST.

As always there will be a video and IRC party for all the fans. 9am is early for North American people (6am PST/7am MST/8am CST/9am EST). However the part will get on shortly as they (and my self) wake up.

To read the full quote from Helios and see the two new screens, read more. (more…)

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2009 0 360

Xbox 360 Achievements revealed

Just seconds ago Helios posted up news of the xbox achievements.

Warning: Contains some spoilers, look at your own risk



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2009 0 360

Video gamer flashpoint interview

Found by Dk3DKnight earlier today was an interview which seemed to outline a few nice small pieces of information, none of which are massively effective but we do seem to have a small snippit (Below) which “could” and I repeat could mean they are still considering making a map editor for the consoles:

VideoGamer.com: What’s the latest on the mission editor? As far as I’m aware it’s PC only. Is there any chance it might come to the console versions as well?

TB: “It’s something we made a decision about a long time ago when we realised how difficult it was on the console. Never say never, but it’s a very tricky point.”

I’ll repeat that:

TB: In that respect, yep, it is a bit of a niggly point that the console gamers are annoyed with. Unfortunately it’s something we can’t do anything about at the moment. But never say never.

Still take as a pinch of salt but we can still cross our fingers and hope.



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2009 0 360

10/08/09 IGN

IGN posted up a new preview last night that had a few nice tad bit’s of information on the game itself, these small pieces of information are especially useful for the console players and finally confirms that 4 v 4 is definantely what codemasters seem to be aiming for, for the online play. Fortunantely though we managed to find a quote that has settled a few console players especially that of myself which is:

The Xbox 360 version will be limited to eight players, either in two competing squads of four players each, or two squads of four players each playing cooperatively against six AI squads of PLA soldiers.

On a speculative notion it seems that if the above is true then PC has the possibility of being much the same, 32 player coop anyone? But don’t take my word for this, maybe later on codemasters can confirm the above speculative notion of mine.

Lastly, as for a small piece of information (Al beit a little late):

There are currently no plans for a pre-release demo, but the team at Codemasters is planning to release a multiplayer-only demo on October 26.

(The above quotes are for xbox, PC may have the demo earlier)



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2009 0 360

New PC Zone 4 Page Preview Released

Today we where informed by Helios about a new important article from PC Zone UK. The article has been released in shops in the UK. We are currently waiting on a Hero to acquire a copy of the recently published July issue PC Zone UK. From first responses this article seems that it may be one of the most important of the previews so far. We will keep you updated of any major developments. If scans are found they will be uploaded to the community areas (Flickr, ScribD) and you will receive a email shortly there after.

** UPDATE **

Posted moments ago by Shaz73, “Phone Camera” pictures of the PCZone 4 page article. As a added bonus a Xbox Mag was also photographed. They are viewable here. When better versions come around they will be added to ScribD and Flickr, the quality is too low for these to be them be any use as the archived copy.

** UPDATE **
We have now received master scanned copies thanks to Hero tot brill. They have been uploaded page by page to Flickr. As well the ScribD PDF version is viewable below.


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