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Where we are all now, The Heroes, The Germans, OFP2.Info

It’s been a while and many people have wondered where we (this site was operated by the Heroes of OFP:DR group) and many of the community’s leaders have disappeared to after pulling out involvement after the failure of launch and the first patch. I am happy to announce that many of us are still together and we are lingering onwards as a group. While our support for CM’s DR is no more our support for high quality players, community builders and makers of good friendships is still ongoing.

Just like we where in DR we continue to remain a private invite only group. To better represent the quality of our members and work, we have re-branded our group to The Professional Corps – short ProCorps or PCO.

We can be found at our public IRC channel of Gamesurge.#ProCorps if you ever want to revisit with us and some of the older members of DR.

What inspired this post was partly the link in the older “site was closed” message below no longer being valid, and partly a journey I took yesterday looking around for the old guard. I was happy to find out that The Germans (illuminator, Reverent OperationFlashpoint2.info (Domain Expired) ) have moved on and are successfully running a new fan site for Battlefield Bad Company.

banner mini Where we are all now, The Heroes, The Germans, OFP2.Info
Once again the Das Community Portal lives on, and its looking quite sexy if I might add, Illuminator never fails to make his sites look good.

As for OFP2.info the son of OFP.gamepark.cz (OFP.info) which was/if not still one of the best OFP sites on the net for ages. They or at least there staff have moved on. As some of you may know I (Sir. Polaris) worked there for a while providing a mirror to the daily stream of DR developments. I stopped working there when I left DR in total, a community member named Kenworth stepped in and he has now departed. I talked to Cervo the owner and he was not fond of the how the events unfolded for DR, however I think he is ok with how things have turned out now. The last post on OFP2.info advocated visiting http://www.armedassault.info/ which to my knowledge is a sister site. From what I know OFP2.info much like this site have moved on and its staff dispersed or working at ArmedAssault.info

I also found out yesterday that Ryujin from the Combat Simulation Project fame was also alive and kicking over at http://BF-BC2.info. Apparently from insider sources we might see CSP some time in the future :D

Other then the new guard (Joined 1-3 months before release or later) over at CM’s OFP:DR PC General there really isn’t much left of the people we knew for the last 1-2 years (Old Guard) . If you happen to be one do make your self known, good people are hard to find :)

I will save you the relapse again down memory lane, if you do ever show up in IRC bring some Jack and Hot Coco, all of us as a community really made a impact to OFP:DR it’s a shame however we got scattered, stonewalled and now unable to support the games continuing development.

Once again, heres to all the community minded people of Old OFP:DR that put others first before them self and helped carve a community of leaders and fans that helped grow this game to the best it could be providing the resources we had.

I hope to see you all soon and I hope you find your way back to the community and it’s people in the future!


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