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USMC & PLA Camo Update

USMC & PLA Camo and Body Armour

Released by Helios shortly ago.

“After concerns were raised by numerous members of the community that the USMC troops had incorrectly coloured Modular Tactical Vest’s, the development team have amended the colour to brown to reflect what is currently in use by the USMC.

We have decided to keep the USMC Spec Ops MTV’s as green, to provide some distinction between them and regular USMC troops.

See below for a full rundown of the final USMC & PLA Camo Patterns and body armour.”

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2009 0 360

Vehicle recording at 29 Palms with the USMC

3572246579 c43c19dd69 Vehicle recording at 29 Palms with the USMC

Big update inbound, and many thanks to the OFP: DR sound team for taking the time to write these behind the scenes expose’s!

Naturally vehicles take a big part in OFP : DR so it was important to us to make them sound as true to life as we could. Where better to start than to go to the USMC and borrow some tanks then?

Several phone calls to the USMC Public Affairs Office later and we had a visit out to 29 Palms Range. Sadly we didn’t get to go on this trip and instead hired the very capable On Your Mark Music Productions field recording crew. Who were strangely more than a little keen to spend a week in the desert surrounded by some of the best military hardware available.

I hope that you enjoy the sounds of vehicles in OFP: DR, we spent a lot of time tracking down these sounds and recreating them in game. It was very important to us to get a an authentic sound to our vehicles that few games truly capture. The M1A1 Abrams used by the USMC has a unique sound due to its propulsion system.

Finally we have to give a much deserved thanks to these people, because without On Your Mark Music and the USMC we would have struggled to get anywhere near the same quality of vehicle audio for OFP: DR


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Camouflage updates – PLA/USMC

USMC MARPAT WoodlandPLA Army uniform

As you may or may not know there has been a thread going about what was called “The mistake about camouflage uniform”. After 6 pages of commentary and some good comments, Helios provided a response.


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