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I am now Twitter enabled

After a long time avoiding it I finally gave into it’s mass media usefulness. I think it would be nice to have a central area other then facebook which is far to crowded with minigames and toys then really what it should have been. Twitter to me is facebook minus everything but status updates. The #1 reason I joined is mail chimp keeps hounding me to update my facebook and twitter with each e-mail I send. I figured, “hell here is another way I can keep you guys in the loop” – It doesn’t hurt me any, and provides yet another benefit to those whom may be one of the 1,000,000 twitter users. So from now on I will be posting as soon as a e-mail goes out a tweet on the news update.

That and any other cool things I’m doing I’ll post as tweets, things I can’t make a post for or are away from IRC for.

I think in the end I am going to focus on making twitter a place for personal fans, unrelated to OFP2 but people whom just like me. I wouldn’t mind making some good buddies I can carry over into the future. I don’t know how long the media angle will last until it becomes spammy. I don’t know (never used twitter before) so we will see :D

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