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Freelook and TrackIR clarification

From Helios,


First of all, my apologies for the confusion this may have caused.

After speaking to the dev team, I’ve had something clarified to me that invalidates what I said earlier about the definitive no freelook and no TrackIR statement.

It turns out that whilst there is no freelook and no TrackIR for infantry, these features will be available for vehicles.

So to summarize:

  • Infantry – No Freelook for all platforms, No TrackIR
  • Vehicles – Freelook supported for all platforms for pilot, driver, commander, passenger etc, TrackIR supported


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2009 1 360

No Leaning, Freelook or TrackIR in Operation Flashpoint

Some Unfortunate news from Helios.

Sorry to disappoint some of you, but OFP: DR will not include leaning or support TrackIR.

In fairness OFP1 did not have leaning either. However this poor news for the tactical realism crowd. This means there will be no leaning around trees, walls, defences. All combat will require you to be exposed at the very least your upper body. While this will not be a game killer, it will surly change the dynamics of combat and most likely alienate some of OFP2’s more diehard fans.

It is unfortunate to see such changes to the OFP1 formula. All signs however point to a more engaging FPS experience. However it is the belief of this writer, that OFP1’s greatness stemmed by it’s functionally and the little features.

Little features took what was a open world FPS and turned into a rich killing ground. It’s unfortunate to see, that many of OFP1’s great features will not be in OFP2. We can only presume that there is a issue holding back, leaning and freelook. I would presume texture tearing and perhaps the difficulty of teaching the AI how/where to lean from around cover. I don’t really know. All I do know is APC rides and Helicopter rides are going to be far less enjoyable.


*Freelook refers to Free movement of the players players head from the body, not a spectator camera. I understand there can be some confusion with this term*

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