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Stuff.co.nz OFP:DR Preview

Stuff.co.nz has released an OFP:DR Preview, it can be read here.

In the preview, the journalists play the radar mission one that is already played by an high amount of game journalists.

According to the previewers, Nature is the true star in Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising. The sounds sounds very realistic and convincing, and, even while the version their played is still a beta, the sounds already sound like it’s a final version of the game.

The article closes down with:

“A Gears of War or Killzone clone it is not. For PC owners, the real question here will be whether the numerous fans of the original can be convinced to put down ArmA 2 and sacrifice a bit of realism for something a little less intense.”

The article is located here.

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Sound team Q&A 07-07-2009

At approximately 09:36 AM: Helios got a list of replies to some questions the community had asked, the questions and answers are here and the discussion area is here.


Member: Staticks

Is all the sound effects for this trailer fake and prerecorded? By that, I mean are they recorded specifically to make this trailer feel more seamless and cinematic?

Because I’m very very skeptical that the final game will have sound effects this good and realistic (e.g., the gentle shuffling of your weapon as you look down your scope, the hard footsteps on the grass, the heavy breathing after sprinting, and the good, appropriate-sounding voice acting of the commander shouting “enter that building” or “we need to fall back”)

I’m skeptical, because the sound effects sound way too good and seamless and realistic to be true. I haven’t heard sound effects this realistic even in COD games.”

“Everything you hear in this trailer is in-game assets. No additional weapons or ambiance was recorded specifically for this trailer. Incoming fire sounds like that in game, Foley (the movement of clothing and so on) is from the game. So when you raise your gun up to aim in game, you will hear that movement sound detail. IMO we haven’t perfected it yet, but we have put a lot of effort into the speech to try and make it sound natural and humanistic in-game. So although a lot of it is made from smaller parts it sounds like natural speech.”

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