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Question and Answer with Tim Brown

Thanks to community member Shaz73, A new Question and Answer session with Tim Brown (Senior game designer) was found on www.411mania.com.

A total of 5 questions where asked to Tim Brown. Most info will sound familiar for most of you, but it’s still worth a read:

Q. An inevitable question – how did you approach providing the sim-like qualities of the PC original and adapt that for consoles keeping the essential elements that make it Operation Flashpoint?

A. We wanted to keep key elements from the original such as the one bullet kills to vital organs, a huge game world, sandbox gameplay and lots of weapons, equipment and vehicles for the player to play with. Some of these points were fairly trivial to have on a console however we’re incredibly proud of Codemasters own EGO engine technology behind Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising and its very impressive 220km² playable island and the 30km draw distance.

Tim Browne also stated “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is a good game in its class, but did in no way affect Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising”

The original post from Shaz73 can be found here

The original Q&A with Tim Browne can be found here

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2009 0 360

Operation Flashpoint Co-Op Video Finally Released

Thanks to all the 110+ people chilling out in IRC for keeping me and other company during the wait.

Thanks for to Shaz for uploading this video,

We all await GameStar.de to hunt him down and kill him – but such is life, so view often and make a backup :D .

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New premium GameStar TV video: Floge 64/09 (18:58)

Just found by JoeAcorn, is a new preview/interview it looks like from GamesStar TV. I have no idea whats in it as I don’t pay GameStar to watch online videos. If you got a account check it out and let us know what it like (Forums, IRC, Twitter, OFP2.org Comments).

Source: IRC

During the typing of the e-mail and making of this news post Shaz (The media bloodhound and local street dealer) was informed of this video. He is now ‘acquiring it’ and attempting to upload.


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Eurogamer exclusive ingame video

Who delivers? Shaz does again of course!

At 27-05-2009, 12:19 PM: Shaz posted us a nice new footage on youtube that he had managed to get ahold of on the eurogamer page, the footage below shows us some nice new ingame images. So guys get watching!

OFP DR gameplay footage 27/5

The thread about the new footage can be found here.

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