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2009 0 360

Upcoming release date announced

Helios just announced that the official release date (Yes, A date, not a period) will be announced on the upcoming Friday, in the early morning, to be precise. Helios also told us there’ll be a new video, showing the Armoury of Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising. Helios also promised us a brand new set of screenshots. To “Get a whet appetite” Helios also posted 2 new screenshots.

Screenshot 1

PLA – Type95 self propelled anti-aircraft gun, viewed through binoculars

Screenshot 2

US – Abrams M1A2 main battle tank, with AH1Z Super Cobra attack helicopter in air

Full size screenshots can (of course) be found on Flickr.


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2009 0 360

9 New OFP2 E3 screens

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2009 0 360

Two New Screens Released

Two New Screens Released
Posted by German Community Manager Mukor they feature the arcade mode of OFP2 in the best screens of OFP2 to date.


Codemasters Catches up with the Community.
As we report on all important news with this mailing list; It should be noted that Codemasters has made a post today about the New Video and 6 new screens found yesterday. It’s nothing new other then now there is a HD download link for the new video. I will also be uploading Flickr and YouTube will be updated with the non watermarked content.

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2009 0 360

New Czechazlovakian And Japanese OFP: DR Previews!

Many thanks to ASSASSYN 36o of the Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising Forums for bringing our attention to these articles.

Both the Czechoslovakian And Japanese previews are unique in writers perspective and you may find them a little hard to follow whilst reading them as they have been translated using a Google program, however their are no New Screen Shots for us to drool over.

The Full article links are as follows.

Czechoslovakian Preview

Japanese Preview

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2009 0 360

New Official Xbox 360 Magazine Preview!

Thank You to PhilipLarkin a community member of the Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising Forums for sharing this with us.

Whilst this preview is short and similar to previous releases New Screen Shots can be seen, A quote taken from the preview we most enjoyed reading was,

We’re most impressed by the developer’s passion for realism and attention to detail.

Some of the Newer Screen Shots are below and can be en-larged when you click the image.

courtesy of the OFP2 Flickr page

OXM Pictures

OXM Pictures

OXM Pictures

OXM Pictures

OXM Pictures

OXM Pictures

OXM Pictures

Read the Full Article Official Xbox 360 Magazine

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2009 0 360

New Hands on preview from 360zine

USMC in GrassApproch

360zine just published a new 3 page hands-on preview. It contains quite a lot of information and two new screens. We have uploaded a the new preview to ScribD and Flickr for your viewing pleasure.

The article is definitely worth reading. There are a couple of quotes in it too:

“Those brought up on Call of duty will find that running and gunning gets you absolutely nowhere”

“Enemy AI is top drawer, moving out of sight or range when fired upon and often surprising you with clever flanking manoeuvres”

360zine preview cites the game is 80% complete and scored it 90% on “First Impressions”.

To view the article with only the OFP2 parts visible click more.


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