OperationFlashpoint2.orghttp://operationflashpoint2.orgA website for dedicated to the support and development of the Operation Flashpoint Dragon Rising Community.Fri, 19 Feb 2010 18:42:23 +0000http://backend.userland.com/rss092enWhere we are all now, The Heroes, The Germans, OFP2.InfoIt’s been a while and many people have wondered where we (this site was operated by the Heroes of OFP:DR group) and many of the community’s leaders have disappeared to after pulling out involvement after the failure of launch and the first patch. I am happy to announce that many …http://operationflashpoint2.org/2010/02/where-we-are-all-now-the-heroes-the-germans-ofp2-info/Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising – Declared DeadAs of Feb 16th 11:52 AM EST, Dragon rising has been officially declared dead.There will be lingering technical support but no more advancements to the game. http://operationflashpoint2.org/2010/02/operation-flashpoint-dragon-rising-declared-dead/Site is closedThanks for all the support and memories!Due to the death of OFP: DR, this website is closed and will be disabled and taken down in piecemeal over time.It’s a shame it has come to this but it’s the combined outcome of many failures. I hope to see all of you …http://operationflashpoint2.org/2009/11/site-is-closed/PC Skirmish DLC and Patch Download Locations for Retail Boxed VersionYou can download the patch and DLC from any one of the locations below.The below mirror site download locations should become live and active at around 3pm today.PLEASE NOTE THIS VERSION OF THE PATCH IS ONLY FOR RETAIL BOXED VERSIONS OF THE GAME.GamershellFileshackStrategyInformer WorthPlayingBig Download Boomtown 4players.deOfficial TorrentFor further details …http://operationflashpoint2.org/2009/11/pc-skirmish-dlc-and-patch-download-locations-for-retail-boxed-version/OFP:DR Intel Mission Contest Now LiveCreate your mission with the Operation Flashpoint : Dragon Rising mission editor, share it with the community, and win a Limited Edition Design by Invasion® Operation Flashpoint : Dragon Rising desktop PC equipped with Intel®Core™i7-960 processor, Intel®Core™i7-860 processors, and some Operation Flashpoint : Dragon Rising collector goodies !/////////The Details:PLANNINGNovember 2nd …http://operationflashpoint2.org/2009/11/ofpdr-intel-mission-contest-now-live/Game updatesHere are the latest updates on the game development itself:Patch’s:A lot of you have asked about a patch for the game and I can confirm that we do have one currently in development.I can’t give out any details regarding a fix list or a release date at the moment, but …http://operationflashpoint2.org/2009/10/game-updates/Sing, song and maybe some rhyme?Besides from the very odd tuvan throat singing in the game here is what olly has to say regarding the songs in the game + song downloads.Many thanks to Olly and the sound team guys for putting together this brilliant music pack! Thanks again to Olly for writing the below as …http://operationflashpoint2.org/2009/10/sing-song-and-maybe-some-rhyme/Offical Reviews (up. 12/10/09)Below is the list of the latest reviews of the game: Operation flashpoint: Dragons rising.Zoo Magazine (UK) – 5/5IncGamers – 9.4/10CHIEF Magazine (NL) – 93%Games.ch (Germany) – 93%PC Zone UK – 90% and Classic AwardPower Unlimited (NL) – 90%Gaming Heaven – 90% and Silver Awardhrej.ch (Czech) – 9/10Gamesradar – 9/10Hardgame2.com …http://operationflashpoint2.org/2009/10/offical-reviews-up-121009/Message from sionSo, we are released! Our baby is on its own in the big wide world. It’s been quite a journey involving many, many man months of hard work. A few thanks are in order. First of all I have to thank one of the most talented and surely the hardest …http://operationflashpoint2.org/2009/10/message-from-sion/ApologiesAs above I do believe some apologising is needed as we havn’t made the time recently to update this website. But now that I (Tyro) have awoke from my flashpoint enduced coma I believe that I now have an obligation to start updating this site again.So starting from today I will …http://operationflashpoint2.org/2009/10/apologies/

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We are now mobile

OperationFlashpoint2.org is now mobile

Do you need your information on the go? are you linked in and want a convenient way to check in on the latest OFP2 info?

Just use your BlackBerry’s/PDA’s/iPhone/Smart phone’s/Phone’s web browser and point it to OperationFlashpoint2.org. This website will recognize that you are mobile and will give you the low-fi version of this site. You will get the latest news posts and a search feature.

As our continual commitment to OFP2 growth we believe in accessibility. For mobile users we already have a e-mail alert system called the Community News Feed but we wished to take it a step further. In the future it is our aim to also link in though RSS the other major fan sites that support community development so that you may view (or at least preview) the latest news from all over the OFP2 Community Network. We hope to make good strides such as mobile reporting, audio and media feeds and video playable for mobile devices.

With a little work perhaps even provide a low-fi version of this website for with limited or poor connections. Keeping in mind the diversity of the Operation Flashpoint community we have members from cottages, farmlands, and remote rural environments as well as countries with poor or limited Internet infrastructure.

We hope you find this new site feature useful, please post a comment and let us know what you think.

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