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Codemasters on Promotion Tour in Germany 10/08/09

Unfortunantely we can only currently get our hands on a google translated version of the codemasters promotion tour in germany, later we may update a fully translated version for you to read.

On 21.07.09 Codemasters invited to Munich. Christian Szymanski (Product Manager OFP: DR) and Tim Browne (Lead Games Designer OFP: DR) were on promotion tour and wanted to Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising of the German press imagine. The presentation should clock at 14:00 on the grounds pathos of the theater will take place. Despite my almost two hour “Check Buffer” I came because of the congestion in front of Munich, until the clock at 14:20. But we thought it might good to me. The idea had not yet begun.

After around a little over 5 minutes then it went even started. As first reported Christian Szymanski to speak. He explained the present press again what in OFP: DR code and how to master the island of Skira has come. I think I must not here all that again auftischen. After a few minutes over the word Christian to Tim Browne. Lucky way Tim speaks English a clean, one can understand him well. Tim told us that he had us about 3 weeks old computer code, brought his laptop to show wants. Additionally, stood in the hall but still 3 consoles (two XBOX360 and PS3), with a little 6 weeks old code around (ie, the E3 code). After the presentation, we should ourselves an overview can clean. Before Tim could go on, came the first question from the audience of a rather famous lady, a well-known print media, according to the minimum requirements. Tim pondered briefly and said he was not quite sure, but they would have roughly a 2 GHz Dual Core with 1 GB of Ram and at least a 7900 GT’s. Then he switches into his notebook DXDIAG to us his system specs to show. He had arrived with a T7400. So 2 x 2.33GHz, however, with 2 GB Ram and a mobile GeForce Go 7900 GTX.The minimum requirements and recommended system should look like in the rest (this information was material to the press that we are following the presentation on a Schnicke OFP: DR USB stick had received):

Minimum requirement

Operating system: Windows XP SP2 or later
Shader 3.0 (GeForce 7900 GT / 256 MB VRAM or higher), DirectX 9.0c
Sound Card: DirectX Compatible
Memory: 1 GB
Hard disk: 8 GB
Dual Core CPU 2 x 2.4 GHz
DVD drive: Dual Layer DVD-ROMRecommended System

Operating system: Windows XP SP2 or later
GPU: Shader 3.0 (GeForce 8800 GT / 512 MB VRAM or higher), DirectX 9.0c
Sound Card: DirectX Compatible
Memory: 2 GB
Hard disk: 8 GB
CPU: Quad Core CPU
Dual Layer DVD-ROM DVD drive: Dual Layer DVD-ROM

Accordingly Tim plays with a system that is below the minimum requirements, or they are simply not yet final. Anyway. Nun ging es los. Now it was happening. Tim invited the first mission, and ran only once a little rum, and showed the vegetation, a few weapons that he had. He told us that as the reload time to reload the weapon, the “original Times” meet. This is also true of the time, you need to move from its main gun at the secondary weapon (pistol) to change. In parallel, he showed us everything. And yes, already so adapted as it is. So, a little weitergeflitzt we could a few bold columns of smoke, which rose into the sky. I must say that this looked really amazing, Suddenly a lot to me that Tim and his system is only slightly above the minimum requirements and still had everything ran as smooth. In other games, you get the minimum requirements just once a slide show on the screen to see.

Then it went further into the field. A few words on their own AI and how they respond, followed. Funny, I go with my soldiers in the squat or put me out, makes my Fire team exactly after. I stand again, they are also on. Super, it saves you vast amounts of additional commands. Where we’re on the subject are command, we could take a look at the chic “Quick Command” menu throw. This works just great. And the best of my AI will do exactly what she says. And it immediately. Those who prefer to navigate over the map, you can do the same. simply on the card of their own soldiers mark, right click on the place where he should run and what he should do. I send it via “Move fast” like the right flank of me I can while he is running, the “target group” by holding down the mouse button on a new position, and then stop because he is running out. The last command he remembers. I must therefore not be extrapolated to him again “move fast” to say. Toll ! Toll!

Enough on the card played, back in the bush. After Tim was a little run, we had enemy contact. What immediately stands out: the shots in front of us or drive us apart, swirl a little dirt on. Also you get the acoustically well. If it’s very tight, it gets even a little dirt in front of the bib geknallt. That means you will get dirt splashes into his face (which of course, disappear again, but a great effect). This is also true hits. Is it a shot by the enemy that there is blood spatter on the screen in the field of vision to see.

Links at the bottom of the screen you see your soldier. Will by the arm as he turns to hit this figure in the red arm and a circular display fills up slowly. This means that it is bleeding and your miracles must provide. So, off into the cover and pouch SAN consider what each soldier with you. Thus, you can stop the bleeding (but not cure). So, association to the arm and back into battle. Now shows the detail amorousness. Invite your rifle after your example, you’ll see at your left hand dirt – and blood spatter. Not bad. Ok, now we want the Chinese, but let give pepper. Since he is ahead, fire! The enemy soldier goes to the ground and yells something in their own language around. He even writhes on the ground and to escape something around. Spirited …

Time for the thick stuff. Tim wants us to show Howitzer artillery attack. As it became clear that the code is still “Work in Progress” is. The position that Tim wanted to shoot at, moved a few seconds after the request, just the texture of healing after broken. No visual or audio impact, schade. He admitted that all this is still not quite finished. Because he is right, then further in the text.

Next went with it with a vehicle mission. We tried us as a passenger in a Hummer to go somewhere to let the AI driver drove but simply can not go. Lustig was then in the Außenansicht view that left us with a lobster filled with AI always traveled in a circle, whoops. Another jeep drove well but the street. Regardless, it is still “WiP”, so Tim went himself as drivers. Beautiful, that the player first aufmacht the door and not “ArmA like” jumps into the locked vehicle, I though. But happy too early, and there were no whole initial sequence / animation, but only “ArmA like” (ie, character sets, and half-way, “schwupp” and is sitting inside). Well, at least before he makes the door open.

I would like at this point yet again on the presentation by Clive Lindop at GC 2008 recall. There was a really chic animation to see how a soldier in a Hummer is rising. So, as I could see, the game is not quite as good. But here we have probably to wait for the final version.

Then Tim went off. Nothing earth. With interior view from the window. And yes, the “Free Look” is possible. So you can in the vehicle’s head spin. After 25 meters has felt it already “plop”, and we were hit by something heavy. Then there was the whole lobster cut, we are dead Retrying new Hummer. This time, Tim went not quite as far, but rose at a Hummer coming from the wreck (whether it was our wreck, or one of the AI, I can not say). But what I saw: The wreck was not quite so heady from. So the textures. It certainly fulfilled its purpose, but as I said, so the hammer was not. In return, I must say that I am up to this date not a single “LOD bug” could detect, so that vehicles in our neighborhood like a Bauklotz would look like, as we know from other games.

Now followed one of the things that interested me most. The editor is the hobbyhorse of PC users who need extra start in the game and not integrated. Equal one anticipated. The editor is super clear and tidy. Everything is super easy on the map to place, and as a player to define. What is good: You can have any of the soldiers on the map placed the look, voice and name. Then we looked again at the weather. Various settings such as night, evening, lunchtime. The evening settings associated with a cloudy sky saw echt klasse aus. Then just a flux UH60 Drag & Drop on the card and placed under the same load times and entered losgeflattert. Toller Sound, from the exterior view, back to the inside and a bit flown. Yes, you may consider it a good go. Ah yes, who would like to script, this can be directly in the editor with the LUA scripting language to do so. You need to not “ArmA like” back to the desktop and in an extra * init, * SQS or file change.

The cards invite the rest of it works: At the top of the screen is a kind of “Stop” and “Play” button. Do you want to test your map, it pushes the “play” button. Then comes OFP: DR “high” and invites your card. Then you are on the card and everything seems like just using Drag & Drop stored. Will you return to the editor, it minimizes the game with ALT + ESC and press the “Stop” button. Then all the current scripts (if you’ve defined what) stopped and you can continue to tinker.

Now came another question from the audience. Same lady, same print medium. As it announced with the DLS’s (ie downloading content) would look like and whether what they cost. As he smiled first, is probably not yet thought to question, he said. You are not yet quite sure how they want to do. Depending on the size of the DLC, such as cost. Codemasters wants to listen to us since. If we as the NATO troops want to have, we can get them. Yes even the German Army would be possible if the community wanted. New units such as this would cost money. Even as new campaigns. Smaller content such as weapons or vehicles are not necessarily inevitable. The first DLC for OFP: DR want to make any case for free. How many DLC’s then for OFP: DR still follow, or not, would not yet been determined.

Then we came slowly to the end of the performance. Round one hours, he showed us the content from the game and went very deep into details. A clean presentation. But now we should ourselves to the controller can clamp. Tim dismissed us to the buffet and the three standing ready consoles.

Finally, for the first time yourself! So, once I sat down to the first with the leather couch waiting XBOX360. The well-known from the E3 demo level was loaded and off you went. Well, not so easy. So PC users (who previously only used the keyboard and mouse) an XBOX controller to use, is not so simple. Bin times until a time rumgeeiert. After a few minutes then went already. Since I’m a little perfectionist, I am not crash like in the missions, but tried the promised features such as swimming, “Bullet Penetration” (ie, shoot through objects), to stained glass windows to shoot and so on, on the tooth to feel. Does everything! Bin with one of my AI guys in a village, into a house. Have him in a room temperature, then’m in the next room and there was the wall durchsiebt. Au ja, I would fire on their own units (oops). So, back in the other room, also there were in the rear wall off Einschußlöcher, clean! Now I wanted to go swimming times. On the way to the beach a lot to me from afar that the water somehow sterile looked like it did not move. After I was right on the beach, I saw that it is still moving. However, only very slightly, not as strong as in ArmA. Now, onto the cliff and down into the water. Splash. Go, I swim.

On my XBOX incidentally ran the game in the German format. German speech also. Hey cool, my boys even cursing in German, if you are wounded! The same also applies to the opponent, but then the curse in local languages, not bad. Our own work in other AI is already quite reliable. Was away, flanked. Good also: When you are out or squats is that you make your fire team, without him extra for that. Big plus. What now was not so great. We have worked with a hand grenade destroyed a small wooden house. It was only a smoke cloud, and as they moved, it was just a “skeleton” da. Nothing earth.

I had after the 2008 GC presentation just a little more expected. Clive Lindop told us there that every house destroyed several stages will have. Like in the final version will look like to be seen. But it fulfills its purpose well, so OK. Perhaps this was just the house is too small, maybe it’s different in bigger houses.

While we sat there and so zockten, Tim hopped from one interview to the next. The guy was simply not tangible. So there I spent 2 guys there I have a question with which they should Tim. The question of a “dedicated server”. Come with this release? Short at the end of the show were the two guys from the interview with Tim back. They told me that the dedicated server does not come with the release. Only later. The server files will not be masters of code itself, but from another company in the order programmed. With the release, we will own missions on servers http://www.quazal.com can host. Here, it is possible to play your own missions, private sessions to open them and friends lists. The reason Quazal advantage is that there is a eingbautes ACT (Anti-Cheat Tool) will take place.

Meanwhile, were almost all the guests away. I was one of the last. So quick to being Christian and Tim geflitzt and a souvenir photo shoot can be. Can I imagine? Here we are:

Shortly before going, there was still a bold surprise from for every Christian. Playable code of OFP: DR to go! So I took the code for the PC. There are two missions to play through. Also, the packed code and departure! Unfortunately, it is not possible for us pictures and videos directly from the playable code to show. But I still go in detail on the code. So just read more.

First impressions of the OFP: DR PC press code (Build: 1 July, 2009)

After another brief 5 hours, I arrived back at home. And then ran like nothing on the PC. DVD inside, OFPDR.exe start. Na whoops. Something I had not yet seen. A PC game, which is without install directly from DVD, and can immediately start running. But no matter immediately to the first mission and started to play. Well guys, at this point, I am bad because I have no details about the missions would like to tell you. The voltage should be kept so, gell? I would not have any Missonsabläufe write, because the whole still is not quite final. Included were two missions ( “Rissing Dragon” and “United we stand”). But what I do will make you a kind of feature list and to present an overall impression. Here is the first feature list with the points you might be interested:

General Overview:° An infantry and a SpecOps campaign° Total 11 missions (each with additional, optional sub-missions)° 66 weapons, 23 vehicles (land and sea), 6 helicopters (3xPLA, 3xUSMC)° There is Gore, so “meat lumps” when a large explosive charge detonated at a soldier (body parts, but you will not “shoot” you can)° OFP: DR than Multilanguage DVD (ie a single Uncut version is available on DVD, which in 5 different languages can be played)° The game uses the Havok physics engine° Voice over IP is supported° OFP: DR is the SECUROM use copy protection (so at least the press is protected DVD) Positive noticed:° it is Thermalview on night vision equipment for infantry type (looks great at night!)° Free Look inside vehicles is possible, albeit somewhat cumbersome° if you run too long you can hear even the pulse / heart rate (of course, will be slower)° noise change depending on the substrate (eg, pebbles on the beach, normal soil)° wanders a bush (or AI), there’s a Raschelgeräusch (thrills!)° You can use the Action button on almost every object rise / climb° Super Weapons Animations (assembling, loading eg Javelin, which is the hammer!)° columns of smoke and the sky look great, very well animated° The enemy AI heal each other (I thought spinne when I decided on an opponent, much to the ground, bent, because not yet dead, his mate came and healed him again)° If your AI is not as seriously injured, it can also heal yourself (it looks like the AI itself injects a syringe)° YOUR AI uses cover moving slowly through the APC and is covered in the “slipstream” to the opponents (krass)° It is parallel to the normal open doors also occur!° CI independently run by (freshly broken) house ruins and remains of wall uses as cover° CI can send in buildings and possibly open their own doors° time pressure is only partially within a Mission to milestones (E3 Demo Mission: the radar must be destroyed under pressure of time, then there are other primary and secondary objectives, where there are no time pressures, thereNegative noticed:° You can repair the vehicle (similar FarCry2, too easy)° tires can zerschießen (does not yet ride out WiP?)° “Leaning” there is (contrary to the statement of Helios, but you can not make myself. But I have my AI and AI opponents saw the Leaning to houses made Ecker)° “high resolution” cockpit textures in the PC version but nothing to see (a pity)° water surface animation is a little to be desired° Trees do not go broke, not even if you set a bomb underneath the tree lights (a shame, it was promised that hopefully will change as one more thing)° It is no harm if one feeds a fire (eg burning wreck)° It is its own feet in the 1st person view does not see (from the door so it gets a little strange, because one does not walk) Overall impression

Yes, this game has to have feathers. ABER: This game is already a pagan fun. When you consider that the game until October to come, it is amazing round. I did not have a performance drop, not a single LOD bug. Except for a few minor things (see: not destructible trees, impact on driving after tire weft) is the part of some very, very much better from the “feeling” that, as other products, in a supposedly “final / finished” state linger on my hard drive. Codemasters should have time available for meaningful use bugfixing will OFP: DR tactical shooter par excellence. And one more thing: when their time alone can see, as your soldier composed the Javelin or nachlädt, you will see who is closer to a semi-realistic tactical shooter is off. No trace of CoD or BF feeling. Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising, you can come!

Conclusion and additional information

As you’ve read above, the press event was held in Munich on 21.07.09 instead. A day earlier, there was also an event in Hambug, where our community manager Mukor and our partners from the ESL were present, the love Defender. It squeezed together with Mukor also some information from Tim out, I do not wish to deny.

° Because of the ACT (Anti-Cheat Tools), it will be on the JIP Quazal not give (ie, embarking in ongoing missions), it is called “Ur-OFP like” running sessions with waiting in the lobby ° If the dedicated server, then without the ACT (whether it then JIP there, we do not know) ° For Mapper / Scripter will find small tutorials and videos on the master page code ° For the time being it will release only 4 MP maps give (game are not known) ° Approximately one week after release it will be the first to DLC (free) which also contain maps (funny a day later in Munich were the details of the DLC is not so precise and concrete, see above)

Above is the full version posted by Illuminator on www.operationflashpoint-dr.info.English Discussion can be found here.Pictures from flashpoint.dr can be found on our flickr page. Written by Tyrokiller in: New OFP2 Infomation | Tags: , , ,
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