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Prologue: Skira Island

Found by Hero ZaRiF215 is a new official video detailing the events leading up to the oil crisis, Chinese militarization and subsequent engagement with the US and Russian forces on Skira. It’s a great video with great production value, it is highly recommended that you watch this when you get the chance.

After oil crisis that leads to a more aggressive government. The conflict begins with a  build-up of of military forces along the border between Russia and China. Needing the reserves to stabilize the country, on May 9th 2011, China takes Skria in a aggressive sweep. After a failure in negotiations Russia fear all out war and requests US assistance Forces deploy May 12th 2011 2:30

Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising – Begins.

Watch in HD


Helios confirms that View Post “It’s the intro video to the campaign in the game”. Leading presumption is that the helicopter hitting the screen will play into the SF forces helicopter starting its landing on the island.

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