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TeamXbox 10/08/09

Another little goodie from the interwebs comes from tom price, who seems to be quite fond and very knowledgeable in the flashpoint front. He’s article is amongst one of the few top best articles found to date, not for being written well but for being so well centered on one piece of information. This piece of information is that of the command radial menu, the CRM’s basic commands was listed and explained by him and has a few small pieces of information previously unknown to us:

Here’s a quick rundown of the options you can choose after bringing up the radial menu with the Right Bumper button:


Follow me

Orders—This selection on the first radial menu will open a second one with the following sub-menus: Offense, Defense, Fire and Movement. They break down as so:

Offense: Assault, Flank Left, Flank Right and Halt.

Defense: Follow Me, Fall Back, Defend and Halt.

Fire: Suppress, Engage and Hold Fire.

Movement: Move, Move Fast, Halt and Exit.

Tactical—The other main selection on the main rotary command menu covers ROE (Rules of Engagement), Spread, Formations and Medic.

ROE: Fire at Will, Fire on My Lead, Return Fire and Hold Fire.

Spread: Tight Spread, Normal Spread and Combat Spread.

Formation: Wedge, Column, Line and Vee.

Above is the base commands in flashpoint but Tom Price has said that there are more “Context sensitive” commands in the game which he was unable to use due to not being able to fiddle with everything in the game.



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