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Possible Website downtime

Due to a security leak this website has had it’s bandwidth burned by Turkish Spammers. There is a good chance the website will go offline in the next 2 days. If this happens it may be till the 20th or the 31st until it flips over. I am currently in communications with my webhosting to see if somthing can be done about this issue, without incurring a large unneeded cost.

This downtime will not affect any of the off site groups, flickr, or the toolbar. The data on this website will remain, access will be restricted and the site will display a “bandwidth exceeded” message.

For uninterrupted service please join the mailing list. Daily RSS e-mails sent though the mailing list will not recive any new content as they draw from this website.

I am working to correct this issue with my limited webskills. I have identified the problem as the Fansite Topsite listing with all 2.2 gigs of dammage done from middle yesterday to this morning.

Further updates will be posted below and then though the mailing list if this website goes down.

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