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Battle of the God’s

Well it seems as if Sion has yet again been taking our feedback seriously and the hardcore mode has been altered to the effect of godliness. To see the news please visit here.

Snippit: “You lot are a bunch of masochists but, you’ve got it; the hardcore mode in Operation Flashpoint will contain no HUD/UI elements at all other than radio chatter subtitles. That’s right, no crosshair, no compass, no gun or ammo displays…Nothing…

There will be no objective markers, no bleed meter, no direction of fire indicator, no enemy location highlights and no damage indicators. Nothing!

To show you what we mean, here’s an example for you all taken with the new hardcore settings.”

Hardcore Mode - First Screen

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2009 0 360

19/6 New Magazine scans (4 pages)

Yesterday Shaz posted up some more magazine scans for us to drool over. Enjoy!


Page 1

Page 2

Page 3

Page 4

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2009 0 360

OFP:DR “most extensive marketing investment ever”

Posted by Community member PhilipLarkin is a new article from MVC in which CM speaks of the largest marketing plan to date.

“Operation Flashpoint is set to benefit from the publisher’s largest ever marketing spend on a single title.”

“We are rolling out Codemasters’ highest impact campaigns across the titles, with Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising representing our most extensive marketing investment ever,” said UK general manager Jeremy Wigmore.

“In addition, Codemasters has recruited Jon Tibble as UK sales manager and Ben Croucher as UK trade marketing manager.

Tibble joins the firm after spending eight years at Vivendi Games, most recently as UK sales manager, and has also held roles at Gauntlet Entertainment and Ingram Micro. In his new role, Tibble will be responsible for all UK and Irish sales, and will report directly to general manager Jeremy Wigmore.

Ben Croucher joins after spending four years on Ubisoft’s trade marketing team. He will now be responsible for product visibility and pre-sell incentives across all UK retail chains for Codemasters’ upcoming products. Croucher will also report to Wigmore.

Source: http://www.mcvuk.com/news/33749/Codemasters-plots-biggest-ever-push-for-09

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Operation Flashpoint (OFP2) Fact Sheet

Today I requested marketing information from Helios so that I may be better apt to promote OFP2 to Codemasters marketing standards in the near future. With Helios permission I have made available the document for your viewing pleasure. It’s nothing major, but could be useful to some one who may wish to make a fansite, or promote OFP2. So in the spirit of community growth and development – enjoy!

Operation Flashpoint (OFP2) Fact Sheet [FEB_09]

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