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OFP2 vs ARMA2 fact thread.

OFP2 vs ARMA 2

Created by AVIBIRD1 maintained by OperationFlashpoint.org.

It should be noted while OFP2 seems like it is lacking features, many of ARMA2’s features are all ready modded into ARMA1. ARMA2 is around 80% ARMA1 and ARMA2 judging from video and pictorial content, still lacks the polish that makes a game. The same fate as ARMA1. So take this feature list with level of judgment and understand just because something is there don’t mean it is good.


OFP will have a view distance of 35 km – ARMA has a view distance which can be set up between 500M-10.000M
OFP Island 220 square KM – ARMA peninsula 225 square KM
OFP 1 large town and a few villages – ARMA 50 citys/towns/villages
OFP has building destruction – ARMA has building destruction
OFP no civilian population or wildlife – ARM has Dynamic civilians/wildlife
OFP has ability to setup the weather – ARMA has dynamic weather it can
changes form location to location
OFP has real day and night cycles – ARMA has real day and night cycles
OFP will have one airport – ARMA has multiple functioning airports, including a carrier.


OFP will have US, Chinese, (possible Russian special forces) – ARMA will have US, Russian, pro west forces, pro east forces, guerrilla forces, civilian forces.


OFP will have 70 weapons/50 vehicles – ARMA will 73 weapons/167 vehicles
OFP will not have flyable planes – ARMA will have flyable planes
OFP will have ground artillery – ARMA – will have and movable


OFP reports AI will react to your actions and strategy – ARMA reports the same


OFP – N/A – ARMA ability to take POW

OFP – Abillity to heal teammates- ARMA ability to drag teammates out of danger and heal them or bring them to a medical center for aid.

OFP none – ARMA ability to switch from unit to unit in single player maps


OFP PC 16 vs 16 with AI (player vs player) – ARMA 128
OFP xbox 4 vs 4 with AI (player vs player) – ArmA has no announced console version
OFP pc coop 8 (story mode) – ARMA 5 all members of razor team
OFP xbox coop 2 (story mode) – ArmA has no announced console version

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