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#OFP2 – Community Chat

#OFP2 – Operation Flashpoint 2

on IRC: meet, talk, find, discuss

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Click here to join the chat through operationflashpoint2.info *
Click here to join the chat through ofp2.info *
Click here to join the chat from mibbit.com **
Click here to join the chat with your own IRC-Client ***

Meet the community live

Welcome to Operation Flashpoint 2: Dragon Rising. Welcome to the great community of fans of military simulation and realistic virtual warfare. We, that is the operators of different fansites and blogs, committed fans, Codemaster and Manday, are proud to present you with #ofp2 – currently hosted on GameSurge – the officially supported chatroom for OFP2.

Your live-interface to everyone else in the OFP2 community. A place for chat on the game, finding other people, information and even more.

The channel (chatroom) has now officially gone online and is freely accessible to anyone – not only registered members of these, or any other forums. This thread will be updated periodically with the latest information and news on the channel and its affiliates. Firstly an introduction to what it is and how it works.

A Quick-Start: The Quick-Start is really simple. To join the channel now and start chatting with anyone who is online at the same time, click one of the links provided above.

Don’t be afraid: you don’t have to know anything about IRC to use it. Be aware though, that the third option is not recommented due to technical issues which do not affect you but the IRC-network itself.

What you will get: The channel is there for you and you are free to join and to chat about whatever you like – preferredly OFP2 related. However, the channel is pursuing specific aims for the time when Operation Flashpoint 2 is released (and perhaps, depending on several factors, slightly before). Thereunder we, the providers, promise you for the foreseeable future:

  • Ask an experienced community-member and get immediate response
  • Clan Announcement and Clan Search
  • Find players, potential allies and opponents
  • Live-Interviews with the developers of Operation Flashpoint 2
  • Announcement of matches and tournaments

Technical details: If you are interested in detailed technical introduction to IRC, GameSurge in particular, you may want to consider GameSurge’s New User Guide where you find information on how to register an account for GameSurge (optional), authenticate, that is signing in to the network by identifying yourself and also find solutions to common problems.

For the first time: We are pleased to welcome everybody to #ofp2. This platform has been established early to assure that everyone can get used to it and knows the place when OFP2 hits the shelves.
I’m looking forward to meeting you in the channel. Don’t be disappointed if you don’t encounter anyone. Best you can possibly do then is stay and wait for others to join, or simply check back later.

Credits to: Great thanks go to our confederates such as OFP2.info and OperationFlashpoint2.info for supporting the centralization at #ofp2. I also like to thank all the other members of the OFP2 community who contribute by advertising #ofp2 at different places and those who join in regularly. Last but not least thanks to Codemasters for giving support. Thank you people!

This thread will remain locked and only be updated until OFP2 is released.

* Requires Java (TM) to be available on your computer. If you don’t have Java installed obtain the latest version from java.com. If you don’t have Java enabled enable it in the settings of your browser.
** Not recommented
*** Requires a working IRC Client to be installed on your computer. A list of possible clients can be found at wikipedia.org

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