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A ‘Tanky’ Preview

Please be aware that the member in question hasn’t played the game but is basing he’s preview on video’s as well as other information currently available to us. Still, it’s very nicely written and may have some information previously unknown to you so enjoy.


That Dragon Looks Awfully Like an Attack Chopper!A Preview of OFDR for Consoles by Community Member ‘tanky’

(please be aware that some of this will be info which other previews have access to but I fear that mine will be better written with less of the BS…it’ll certainly be no worse than what we’ve been reading!!)

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Who views this website?

Some interesting stats about who views this website:

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ARMA2 Demo is now public

47716 ARMA2 Demo is now public

ArmA 2 demo allows you to experience the unique gameplay featured in the full version of ArmA 2 including multiplayer, as well as samples of the vast amount of vehicles, weapons and units and realistic environment.

The demo also contains a part of Chernarus terrain, which is based on the real-life landscape.

PC screenshotPC screenshotPC screenshotPC screenshot

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Two new ingame video’s

Two new in-game video’s have been released, One is from an German Preview, and one has been captured at the E3.

The [HQ] French E3 Video (Pretty long):

The [HD] German Preview video:

Both video’s came as a bit of a surprise. The First French video shows 5 full minutes of footage. The soldiers also speak with a little accent. In the special build mission, the squad is going to blow up a radar station, on a smaller island near the coast of Skira Island.

Helios also announced the grass detail distance can be changed by the user himself; you can find the announcement here

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Inside Games: Codemasters (BBC News)

Over the last few months the BBC News: Technology Reporter Daniel Emery has been investigating the Games Industry, Amongst the “Inside Games” articles found within the BBC News website, is an insight to one of the most successful, long lasting Game Developers Codemasters past, present and future standings.

Daniel Emery reports on Codemasters outstanding history,  strengths, the current climate and future. Along with Codemasters “Vice President” Gavin Cheshire’s current accounts.

“As a publisher, you need to stay focused as to what you actually are.”

Gavin Cheshire

In this report published by the BBC News, a video of Codemasters “Executive Producer” David Brickley giving his points of view for his job role, goals and achievements that a games producer would expect to do, Also covering how Codemasters intend to develop its futures technology and keep up with the ever competitive games market.

View the full article and video here

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Bastardize your favorite OFP2 Dev!

We all have free time and we are all avoiding work, so why not put this extra time to good use and destroy the public image of your favourite OFP2 developer.

Codemasters is allways up for a good laugh and we as a community are always ready to provide.

So fire up Photoshop, Gimp, Paintshop or MS paint and have at her!

To Partispate

View more to view the current submissions.


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First look at the Heroes of OFP2 TrackMania car

Heroes of OFP2 TrackMania CarHeroes of OFP2 TrackMania CarHeroes of OFP2 TrackMania CarHeroes of OFP2 TrackMania CarHeroes of OFP2 TrackMania Car

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Drive in Style with a Custom TrackMania Car!

stadiumcarww7 Drive in Style with a Custom TrackMania Car!

Once again AlexVesten (community artist extraordinaire) pulls though for the OFP2 community once again. Contracted by Sir. Polaris to “Pimp zee OFP2 Auto” on TrackMania, AlexVesten leaped to the task and in less then 3 days time produced a fine skin for OFP2 racing in TrackMania.

Others have taken it upon them selves to get into the TrackMaina spirit and have created their own custom car skins and affixing a [OFP2] tag to the end of their TrackMania names.

If you would like to start racing, click here to read more.

Right now work is being done to get this car ingame. This post will be updated when it is complete.

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TrackMania Fever hits the OFP2 community!

nations en TrackMania Fever hits the OFP2 community!

It’s official TrackMaina fever has hit the Operation Flashpoint communtiy. You can now play with a good chunk of the active OFP2 community,

Read More

– Quick Start Guide –

  1.  header bandeau TrackMania Fever hits the OFP2 community!
  2. Install XFIRE
  3. Go to the Official Forums and get your profile ID
  4. Use your profile ID to apply to the OFP2 XFIRE group.
  5. Load you TrackMania and add the following people to your buddy list:
    • ubermachtig
    • Tibs_
    • ricbar86
    • Justin_Kelly
    • novelekehe
    • Blackhawk1006
    • dead3yez
    • tyrokiller
  6. Connect to IRC and idle.
  7. Check Xfire to see if anyone is playing TrackMania
  8. Chat in IRC and inform people that your new and ready to play
    • This will let everyone know to reset there game clients to accept your freindship
  9. Connect on ubermachtig’s name to get into the OFP2 server.
  10. Enjoy!
  11. When finished for the day, reply TrackMania Fever hits the OFP2 community! in the “Trackmania days with the OFP2 community!” in the off-topic. We want to know who’s playing and hear about your experience.
  12. Check back to this website (http://operationflashpoint2.org) and IRC for OFP2 Trackmania updates.

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