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Understanding the problem on official forums.

As a leading fansite of the game this issue has not gone unnoticed by the staff here. I (Sir. Polaris) has spoken many of times out on this subject and offered many viable options to correct the issues we face.

This issue however still remains and still confuses some people. I get asked too often “why is this happening?”. As a result I have created this flowchart. It’s aim is to help create a understanding on a fairly complex issue. This issue which is a root problem in the larger issue of the degeneration of the forums.

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

This, combined with a review of my previous postings should give a soild understanding of the issue and what steps you can help take to avoid being a part of the problem and to correct the issues we have now. It should also bring awareness to why saying “lets just forget about it”, wont do any good.

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OFP2 forums receives new ‘US Community Officer’

Here at OperationFlashpoint2.org we have discovered that there’s a new US Officer by the name of DefenderOne in town.

A Community Officer is a Codemasters employee that provides a level of connection from the CM office workers/developers to the people on the ground in the communities Codemasters runs.

Currently his account is idle, he/she has not spoke since his account was discovered. We are waiting for a formal announcement of his arrival from Helios. We expect that this public announcement will happen on Monday and provide our first look on this new ‘Officer’.

We wish DefenderOne a good time on the OFP2 forums, and we are sure he/she will make a fine addition to the collective team at Codemasters and on the forums. We look forward to working in hand with Defender as we do with Helios.

Source: DefenderOne’s account

### UPDATE ###

At 2:43 PM EST DefenderOne posted the following:

What’s up everybody? Thanks for the warm welcome smile OFP2 forums receives new US Community Officer – I’m certainly looking forward to getting up and running 100%. I’ll pop up an introductory post soon and get to know everyone! Rock on! – D1

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TrackMania Fever hits the OFP2 community!

nations en TrackMania Fever hits the OFP2 community!

It’s official TrackMaina fever has hit the Operation Flashpoint communtiy. You can now play with a good chunk of the active OFP2 community,

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– Quick Start Guide –

  1.  header bandeau TrackMania Fever hits the OFP2 community!
  2. Install XFIRE
  3. Go to the Official Forums and get your profile ID
  4. Use your profile ID to apply to the OFP2 XFIRE group.
  5. Load you TrackMania and add the following people to your buddy list:
    • ubermachtig
    • Tibs_
    • ricbar86
    • Justin_Kelly
    • novelekehe
    • Blackhawk1006
    • dead3yez
    • tyrokiller
  6. Connect to IRC and idle.
  7. Check Xfire to see if anyone is playing TrackMania
  8. Chat in IRC and inform people that your new and ready to play
    • This will let everyone know to reset there game clients to accept your freindship
  9. Connect on ubermachtig’s name to get into the OFP2 server.
  10. Enjoy!
  11. When finished for the day, reply TrackMania Fever hits the OFP2 community! in the “Trackmania days with the OFP2 community!” in the off-topic. We want to know who’s playing and hear about your experience.
  12. Check back to this website (http://operationflashpoint2.org) and IRC for OFP2 Trackmania updates.

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