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New Site Updates – TweetMeme, Twitter, Stats

As part of my fall cleaning before release I am adding more and more new content to the website to make it easier for you to get the news as it happens and share it with all your friends – who I know love the game as well :D


The Vandals Strike Again!

First I have added in TweetMeme a one shot click Twitter replier. All you need to do is click and off it goes to your twitter. Great for getting the word out quickly.

You can also use the Share This button lg share en New Site Updates   TweetMeme, Twitter, Stats at the bottom of all posts to Tweet, Digg or send to any social site you may be on. This however makes it quicker and faster for fans that might be twitter users. Twitter is used by CM and it’s getting popular, so I might as well make it convenient. I plan on using twitter to keep track of my personal fans and to alert followers of events like when my Live Stream is online or I just sent a e-mail.

 New Site Updates   TweetMeme, Twitter, Stats

I’ve also added a block in the right side for stats. I want to be able to show you, the fans directly the health of the website. I want you to be able to see the increase in visitors and rankings as a direct result of your work posting on social sites and other gamesites about OperationFlashpoint2.org. We are now being tracked by a few sites including Quantcast.


I have put more work into my Live Feed. The Pol and Cat show (for anyone thats following what I’m doing) with some tweaking is now higher quality then ever before. I still need to work out if I can get the default resolution higher.

One last thing. you might have noticed on the left of OperationFlashpoint2.org I have added the a feedback FeedBack Buttonbox. This system provided by Get Satisfaction, allows you to posts Ideas, problems, questions and praise for all to see and comment on. You know I’m always looking for comments and feedback on how I can make this site better for you as fans. Rather then to post it in every thread, I hope this will allow you another way to get in contact and get your voice heard on issues. We want to know whats working and what is not! (Pehaps some praise as well :D ). This system allows everyone to get in on the action, so if you like helping people – feel free to tackle some of the questions people have posted and help them out.

To work the system:

Just Click the button on the left. The image below will appear.

feedbacke New Site Updates   TweetMeme, Twitter, Stats

Select what you want to talk about and fill it in.

feedbackfilled New Site Updates   TweetMeme, Twitter, Stats

Add more details if you want and a title and a body to your message and send it away.

I plan on adding a few more widgets and features tomorrow so if your bored stop by and check in. I’ll be posting my updates via twitter as I go along.

Final Messages:

It’s 1:27am – and I’m finally done, did alot today :D
See you all in 8-9h’s.

Tell me what you think of the images in the post. Took a bit of work but I think having a good deal of images in the post really helps to clear up whats what, even though it’s easy to find what I’m talking about. That bit of colour and shapes, I think really helps. I’m going to look to lurk in more images in my posts. I must say it made the e-mail I sent very good looking. View Email

I love it when things just come together. You go in expecting 60% Greatness and you come out with 80%. Woot!

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