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Mibbit IRC Fixed

As you may know Mibbit is a great way to connect to IRC in networks where IRC is blocked, or not capable of being installed. Recently users of Mibbit have noticed errors like “Cannot Connect – Glined“, “Connection Terminated” or the Warning “Warning To many IP’s Connected from this host”. These errors and warnings are due to Gamesurges’ bot/clone protection trying to protect Gamesurge from single IP/Clients having more then 1-3 users/clones online at a time. Mibbit because it provides IRC though a website, Mibbit comes from a single IP. The previous limit for Mibbit was 50 users. This number I’ve been told has now expanded. However Mibbit is still not allowed unlimited IPs and will still kick out all users when the limit is reached.

To resolve this issue GameSurge has created a new IRC server on there network for Mibbit access. Don’t worry about it effecting your connection – IRC works on a interconnected relay system, where messages start one server and get sent to all servers. The only difference Mibbit users will see is perhaps faster performance and no more errors. So Happy chatting!

Below is news post from GameSurge with the the instructions and news post regarding the updating your Mibbit link to support the changes at GameSurge to the new IRC server for webclients.

New Chat Widget – 11/26/2008 – Posted by ThiefMaster

Since today we have something new for those of you who do not use a real IRC client or like to connect to GameSurge from school or work:
The mibbit IRC widget which replaces the Java applet on http://www.gamesurge.net/chat allows you to connect to GameSurge without using any ports but the regular http port (80) which is open almost everywhere. Just in case you prefer the Java applet, it is still available at http://www.gamesurge.net/javachat.

For those who want to add the widget to their website: either you can link the one on the GameSurge site and pass channels via the URL (/chat/CHANNELNAME; e.g. /chat/gamesurge for #gamesurge or /chat/CHANNELNAME/DEFAULTNICKNAME) or you can embed the mibbit widget on your site. In this case you should set the server to webirc.gamesurge.net:6007 so people connect with their real IP (otherwise they might get glined for excessive connections).

Source: www.GameSurge.net

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