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Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising unveils EGO tech video and new visual identity

New OFP2 Logo

Released today as part 1 of the major news release comes a release of a “studio insight video”. This video showcases the cutting edge technology in Operation Flashpoint 2.

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Download the HD footage from Filefront

Also released where High Res pictures of the new box art for all platforms. As well tweaked the logo of the top of the official forums.

OFP2 PS3 Box ArtOFP2 PC Box ArtOFP2 Xbox360 Box Art


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2009 0 360

Possible news split with early release

From Helios:

Hi all,

Just wanted to let you know that there is a possibility that the updates will be split into two parts with the first releases coming tomorrow at 2pm GMT [9am EST] and the rest following on Friday.

This isn’t confirmed yet but I just wanted to give you all a heads-up!

Makes a change being able to post that updates might be coming earlier than expected smile Possible news split with early release

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2009 0 360

Major OFP2 news release – February 20th at 9pm GMT

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This Friday, February 20th 2009 at 9pm GMT. The first major OFP2 news release will be distributed to the public.

We expect from the now generated CM enthusiasm that we will see a strong showing of important media content, most likely a video and almost surely a pile of screens.

There will be a Release Party on #OFP2 Community Chat (IRC) leading up to and trailing after the official release moment.

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