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OFP:DR editor’s manual to reach 250 pages

Today a few moments ago, Helios  finally dropped the news about the editors documentation to the broader public.

View Post Obviously the game will come with an instructions manual, and PC owners will also have a digital help file on the DVD with instructions and guidelines on how to use the mission editor.

I think the current WIP version once expanded out clocks in at over 250 pages

View Post To be able to use the editor you won’t need to learn the whole manual as it’s pretty easy to create simple missions. However, to fully take advantage of the lua scripting possiblities you might need to investigate the document further

This Documnetation will be a nice change from the old world of having to collect by hand and trial and error all the codes/hooks for scripting in OFP1/ARMA. With LUA depending on how it runs deep modders should be able to mod there own functions (script tags moveTo(X,Y,Z)). As noted simple map makers can do there work by dragging and dropping. Helios is just making note that the power is there for thoes who can and will harness it.

This is great news for modders!

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2009 0 360

New Sion E3 interview with Gaming Shogun.

Found by new member JHalpert, we now have new footage of Sion doing a interview across a tv monitor. It is 6:04 min long – It opens with rehammering “We are aiming for realism”. Sion mentions it that OFP1 was a “Hardcore military sim” and that they tried to make it similar, but they also note they have made it “Accessible”.

There is a worrying tone of “we attempted realism” suggesting that not archived but nerfed for console usage. Sion goes over the same information we know but hints on the gameplay feel. Sion speaks of LUA and modding lightly from a long term gaming perspective, but nothing more other then CM noting it’s interest in it.


Sion also notes of a Fall 09 release date.  (This used to say Q4 09) I miss heard the British accent to say four oh nine. Majority vote has concluded it was a error and was Fall 09. Sorry for that :D

It is solid HD footage, however like the other videos you can see some bugs in it. It’s very similar to the other stock E3 Footage seen today (as thats most likely what is playing in the background).

The most important release of information however is that they have finally confirmed current alpha status in video media. With the game feature complete the coming months will be OFP:DR’s devs multiplying the world objects and features from the current single object already made. The game from this point should expand rapidly.

Sion notes a major release of multiplayer numbers is coming shortly.


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