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Jigglybean leaves the Codemasters Community Team.

Today we where informed by Helios that as of recent, Jigglybean former boxed product overseer has left Codemasters Community Team. The message is as follows:

“Hi all,

I just wanted to let you all know that, with regret, I must inform you that Jigglybean has recently left the Codemasters community team and moved on to explore new opportunities in pastures new. Jigglybean (George) was a big character and good friend – all of the community team are very sad to see him leave. We wish him all the very best in his new endeavours as I’m sure all of you do too.

Going forwards, I will be the main point of contact for any issues relating to the daily running of our boxed product community forums.”

With this Helios has now assumed greater responsibilities. Which is both great for Helios and us as this may open doors and give greater weight to what Helios can provide for us. However this means his time is even further split amongst the others who fight for his time. Hopefully it is the former, we will see in the coming days.

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OFP penned for ‘Summer’ release?

operationflashpoint2a OFP penned for Summer release?

Speculation coming out of Codemasters today in regards to the OFP2 release date. Reported today at VG247.com:

Codemasters got a little more specific on the release date of Operation Flashpoint 2 this morning, telling VG247 the sequel will release this summer.

“Flashpoint is currently slated officially as “Summer 2009,” said a rep, adding that the firm couldn’t be “any more precise than that right now.”

The game was down for a “2009″ date up to now.

The military sim was fully announced last year. It was originally planned for “winter” 2008, but was moved into 2009 in July.

Codemasters itself is developing the game, after dropping Bohemia Interactive, the creator of the first title.


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OFP2 expected to release on steam

In a post regarding Codemasters and Steam, JigglyBean (Senior Community Manager of Boxed Products) stated that “We do expect to see all of our upcoming titles on Steam”. This is good news for users of the popular application from Valve.


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