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2009 0 360

Fog of war – out

It seems that codemasters might have had a bit of a problem with youtube since the video is already up on youtube.

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2009 0 360

New multiplayer image

3919211052 a1951f0e27 o New multiplayer image

Larger img.

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2009 0 360

01/09/09 New coop images

Some new coop images were found today by member: PhillipLarkin

The images themselves are high def screen grabs of the recent coop footage.

3877900498 6d56b3bbf3 01/09/09 New coop images

3877900340 6f6263b229 01/09/09 New coop images

3877900178 bd3420b28f 01/09/09 New coop images

3877107099 61950be531 01/09/09 New coop images

3877899742 7eb692f079 01/09/09 New coop images

3877899612 fe84cb3f4b 01/09/09 New coop images

3877899476 3a78b7de48 01/09/09 New coop images

3877899288 6fe23d0dfc 01/09/09 New coop images


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2009 0 360

Sounds of War Dev Video

Number two in a series of videos intended to take you behind the scenes of the development of Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising is now available on IGN.


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2009 0 360

“Take the beach” Mission footage

Seems our community friends are having a field day today and have found another video for us to sink our teeth into, yay for revolution and viva la Chocolate rain.


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2009 0 360

Two new ingame video’s

Two new in-game video’s have been released, One is from an German Preview, and one has been captured at the E3.

The [HQ] French E3 Video (Pretty long):

The [HD] German Preview video:

Both video’s came as a bit of a surprise. The First French video shows 5 full minutes of footage. The soldiers also speak with a little accent. In the special build mission, the squad is going to blow up a radar station, on a smaller island near the coast of Skira Island.

Helios also announced the grass detail distance can be changed by the user himself; you can find the announcement here

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2009 0 360

Eurogamer exclusive ingame video

Who delivers? Shaz does again of course!

At 27-05-2009, 12:19 PM: Shaz posted us a nice new footage on youtube that he had managed to get ahold of on the eurogamer page, the footage below shows us some nice new ingame images. So guys get watching!

OFP DR gameplay footage 27/5

The thread about the new footage can be found here.

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2009 0 360

New community exclusive screenshot

Helios has just posted up a community exclusive screenshot of the game.

May 20th 09 - Urban


It is also exspected that a new image is to arrive some time soon.

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2009 0 360

6 New inGame Screens Found

Just found by community member coffin joe are 6 new screens from GamerSyde.com

Gamersyde 1Gamersyde 2

Gamersyde 3Gamersyde 4

Gamersyde 5Gamersyde 6

They are quite nice and the best shown so far, check them out on Flickr.

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2009 2 360

Best Ingame footage found so far

## UPDATE ##
The Video has now be updated with captions. This movie was translated by German Moderator Manday. Our thanks go out for him taking the time and effort to do the translation job. Thanks Manday!

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