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2009 0 360

IGN Flashpoint Command – NOW LIVE!

Say hello to Flashpoint Command, the brand new IGN portal site for Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising. The IGN Flashpoint command portal will be one of the leading resources on the internet for all things Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising related!

Make sure to add it to your bookmarks and keep up-to-date with daily news, latest guest updates, maps, and contribute to the Wiki.


– Helios

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2009 0 360

10/08/09 IGN

IGN posted up a new preview last night that had a few nice tad bit’s of information on the game itself, these small pieces of information are especially useful for the console players and finally confirms that 4 v 4 is definantely what codemasters seem to be aiming for, for the online play. Fortunantely though we managed to find a quote that has settled a few console players especially that of myself which is:

The Xbox 360 version will be limited to eight players, either in two competing squads of four players each, or two squads of four players each playing cooperatively against six AI squads of PLA soldiers.

On a speculative notion it seems that if the above is true then PC has the possibility of being much the same, 32 player coop anyone? But don’t take my word for this, maybe later on codemasters can confirm the above speculative notion of mine.

Lastly, as for a small piece of information (Al beit a little late):

There are currently no plans for a pre-release demo, but the team at Codemasters is planning to release a multiplayer-only demo on October 26.

(The above quotes are for xbox, PC may have the demo earlier)



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2009 0 360

New OFP2 cinematic video and preview

Here is a link to the new preview: http://uk.ps3.ign.com/articles/987/987379p1.html

This YouTube links to the OFP2 Tube – Please distribute this link to help grow the community. Keep it off major sites though.

Thanks to all who game out to the IRC pre-release party and for Dantom of making me aware of the release, so I could get the word out. Once again allways vist IRC on pre release – group work gets the infomation first!

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2009 1 360

All New Video And Interview featuring Sion Lenton From IGN.

Today has seen a very quiet and mild activity within the OFP: DR Forum Community, Why you ask?

Early this morning a member of the community figaRo, informed us to a possibility along with Helios’s posts last week that there maybe New Previews, Interviews And Videos coming to us shortly.

We can satisfyingly confirm these statements thanks to IGN’s New Video And Interview released moments ago.

The Video boasts all new, never seen in-game explosive material named “Ground Battle”. The Interview featuring Sion Lenton, Codemasters executive producer boasts a good set of Questions and Answers.

Although these new media articles are released to much hype and debate, a unique feature to this video is the possibility of a pushed back release date. At the end of this video a release date of Autumn 2009 is displayed.

Dev Update:


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2009 0 360

IGN’s Preview

Hopefully the last of the previews today. I present to you the IGN preview of stemming from the media day at Codemasters.

View: Operation Flashpoint 2: Dragon Rising Hands-on

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