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Forums are down but IRC is up!

Not getting your fix of Operation Flashpoint 2: Dragon Rising communication, during this forum outage? Need some one to talk to? thinking about ending it all?

Never fear! The official OFP2 IRC never sleeps and never fails to provide. There as a backup and go general to area for offtopic and on topic communication. OFP2 IRC is a great area for socializing about OFP2.

Now with the outage it a perfect time to get in on the action – click here to launch a AJAX browser IRC in a new window. Come join your fellow OFP2 fans!

1:14PM EST Update:
The forums have returned to some. It seems that the message is a country related message on a time delay per user’s location. It’s not effected by PC time, so it’s presumed to use the IP’s host location. Regardless VIA Proxy you can view the forums, however it is not recommended you login via a proxy here.

PS: For those who may be new to IRC; Always Remember to check IRC when ever there is a event of any kind. There will always be people in IRC on events and most likely IRC will be the main area for comments and chat during the event..

1:43 EST

Having taken the risk and logged in, I thought I would share with you some of the noticable features while you wait for full connection to return.


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2009 0 360

Forums Offline For Upgrade – Monday 19th January

This coming Monday, 19th January, at 08.00 hours (GMT), the Codemasters forums will be brought offline in order to upgrade them to the latest version (3.8) of vBulletin. During that time users will not be able to view, search or post to the forums.

A number of improvements, additions and enhancements will be included in the upgrade including updated dev trackers, database optimisation, infraction system, AJAX implementation, multi-quote feature, new profile displays, tags and much, much more!

Please note that the game-specific/custom forum skins will be re-introduced on Tuesday, 20th January, 2009 – until then, the standard Codemasters skin will be available.

Codemasters thanks you for your patience during the downtime and looks forward to welcoming you back to the shiny new forums later on Monday!

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