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Message from sion

3995348132 36c3a013fe Message from sion

So, we are released! Our baby is on its own in the big wide world. It’s been quite a journey involving many, many man months of hard work. A few thanks are in order. First of all I have to thank one of the most talented and surely the hardest working team I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with, I’d also like to thank all of the support teams at Codemasters for their help and expertise. Final thanks as well to you the community, for your unflinching support over the past couple of years.

The team have been eagerly reading the reviews and all your feedback on the forums and we’ve been very pleased with how the games been received, especially by console users. One of my main goals on this project was to introduce console gamers to this genre and get them excited about the possibilities of actually having to think about their actions in combat. I feel we have achieved this and I feel we are at the beginning of a very exciting journey for the Flashpoint series, We’re already prototyping new features and our Ego tech moves forwards in leaps and bounds – watch this space!

I know that our PC user base is clamouring for more features already, and we are not oblivious to your pleas! We have DLC, patches and title updates all due out (in weeks rather than months) and we are also collating all feedback regarding any issues discovered, so please keep on posting your bug reports in the tech help forum.

So to conclude, its been an epic journey for everyone on the team, trust me, you will never know how challenging this game was to develop. Blood, sweat and tears have flown regularly in the studio, now let champagne flow, we’re all going out to celebrate!!!

All the best, see you on the Battlefield


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Official OFP2 Website online

Exciting news! biggrin Official OFP2 Website online

After a long wait I’m now proud to be able to let you all know that the brand new Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising website is due to go live at some point today.

The new website will replace the old site found at www.flashpointgame.com, so no need to change your bookmarks.

Personally if I head to www.flashpointgame.com I can see the new website, but I’ve been told that it may take some time to propogate across the internet, so don’t fret too much if you can’t see it yet!

If you do happen to notice any errors or bugs on the site, then please let us know in this forum thread and we’ll do our best to fix/correct them. If you could also let us know in what country you are viewing the site that would help a lot as well!

3880992280 2e2a802e8a Official OFP2 Website online

3880195683 65efe16635 Official OFP2 Website online

3880195627 69be8102cc Official OFP2 Website online

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A video first look at Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising Co-op

Posted a few hours ago was the first look video at Co-op Gameplay. It is a excerpt from the longer GameStar.de video and no one in the community seems to have access to. This video is two minutes long, the full version can be found here (pending you have a premium account): Gamestar.de – The video shows combat assaulting a small unwalled base in tall grass. The overall impression from the comments has so far been fairly negative. This video shows medic healing, weapon sway and artillery call in. There has been some screen grabs photos uploaded as well and they are found below.

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Flashpoint News from GamesCom starting to trickle in.

We have just received our first look at the Flashpoint booth from what looks like a ESL insider.


The general expectation is that tomorrow when the event opens to the public that we will hear more news on the subject. We are not expecting mind blowing life altering content, however with OFP:DR news you never know what might show up. So stay tuned to here or your inbox and if it happens, we will let you know. We hope for at least somthing from some one. Perhaps a fan will get out there :D

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Behind the Scenes

Helios’s return has granted us an audience with some nice behind the scenes images, and a nice writeup of the Foley recording for the game.


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