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2009 1 360

Feedback From Helios about the PC Gamer article and other FAQ

Due to some backlash by concerned members of the OFP2 community. Helios has made some postings to clarify what was written in the recent PC Gamer UK article. Addressing one of the biggest concerns mentioned – that of: regular squad mates being able to ‘revive’ [see: heal] and repair.

@ PC Gamers “Squad Mates can Revive” and medical/repair system
“Right everyone,

Just to clear things up for you, here is a basic run-down.

There is a medic class in the game, however every soldier carries basic field dressings that can be used by any soldier to stem bleeding, however field dressings do not ‘heal’ injuries. Also, it is not possible to resurrect dead soldiers in the field.

With regards the repairing vehicles I’ll just reiterate what I posted earlier which is that any soldier can fix a flat tire but they cannot for instance put the rotors back onto the burning shell of a chopper as that wouldn’t be very realistic.

Oh, one more thing….limb loss is fatal. ”

“… Limb loss [is, in regards to] catastrophic damage

You’ll be seeing plenty of shot up people crawling around in OFP: DR of that I can assure you”

@ Fixed Wing Aircraft
“Right everyone,
I’m finally able to confirm to you that fixed wing aircraft aircraft will not be in the game. ”
Source: Playable Fixed-Wing Aircraft

@ Demo
“Exact details TBC”

achievement unlocked Feedback From Helios about the PC Gamer article and other FAQ

@ Achievements and trophies.
“Just so you know, its required by Microsoft that you put a certain amount of achievements into an Xbox 360 game so that the points total 1,000.”

Which means there will be on the 360 some from of achievement system.

@ Weapon/Vehicle Unlocks in OFP: DR
“I’ve noticed quite a few threads regarding whether OFP: DR will be having a weapon/vehicle unlock system like COD4, where if you rank up in MP you get the choice of new weapons/perks to use.

I just want to confirm that this won’t be the case for OFP: DR and that there will be no unlocks.”

Source: No Weapon/Vehicle Unlocks in OFP: DR

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