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OFP:DR Fansite Kit: Mrk4 – Out Now

advertisment OFP:DR Fansite Kit: Mrk4   Out Now

Whats in it:
* 200 Files and 73 Folders
* 71.0 MB unpacked | 50.9 MB Packed [.ZIP]
* Community Made Content
– Avatars
– Fan Art
– Over 15 Cutouts, including PSD’s Like the Soldier Cutout PSD as Seen here:
* Important Links
* The Operation Flashpoint Logo PSD
* The OFP Font
* All the Official Images
* All the rare photos I could find.
* A Clean cut wallpaper, in 3 styles for every screen format.
– OFP Gray
– White
– Black
* Some Website images (borrowed from the CSS of this forum)
* A YouTube PSD Template
* Links and Website building content.

and much more!

It took some time to collect, find and make the content but I wanted to make somthing to give out to the community to help it grow. I plan to keep working on it, but the Devs are also doing a Fansite kit and I didn’t want them to duplicate the work needed. So I made a early release.

Everyone’s (minus a few personal and questionable ones) avatars and image submissions have been added and accredited. There was a lot of submissions quality – The Images are great for other forums and instant messaging clients. 87 Avatars in total.

Hopefully this helps out!

Have fun on you fan related endeavours,
– Sir. Polaris

fskmrk4cutton OFP:DR Fansite Kit: Mrk4   Out Now

19-08-2009 | Knights that Say Ni

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2009 1 360

OFP2:DR – Fansite Kit – Mrk 3, Released

Reflecting the updated logo and new content, such as more community cutouts, I have updated the fansite kit and re uploaded it at a new low of 37.72mb.

The main reason for this small file size is due to the cross linking of online content. As you may know the OFP2 Tube and Flickr accounts hold a great wealth of information and content. In previous versions I included all the data I could in the fansite kit. It quickly became bloated with images that people may or may not have used. So for this build after hearing feedback from it’s users, iI have now only saved the most important images that relate directly to website, fansites and artists. The directory structure is for the most part the same, and holding the same content – just now linked to a online source.

Download – Fansite Kit Mrk3 – 37.72mb – FileFront

Written by Sir. Polaris in: Community Related News | Tags: ,

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