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2009 0 360

A first look at the PC exclusive editor and MP map size – 3 screens

The Screens

Editor 1 Editor 2 Editor 3

Helios’ Message

I know a few people were wondering how large the map sizes would be in MP, so I’ve managed to acquire these below images which should help show off the scale of the maps you will be playing on in PvP MP in the game.

[Read More – Commentary and more information]


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2009 0 360

OFP:DR editor’s manual to reach 250 pages

Today a few moments ago, Helios  finally dropped the news about the editors documentation to the broader public.

View Post Obviously the game will come with an instructions manual, and PC owners will also have a digital help file on the DVD with instructions and guidelines on how to use the mission editor.

I think the current WIP version once expanded out clocks in at over 250 pages

View Post To be able to use the editor you won’t need to learn the whole manual as it’s pretty easy to create simple missions. However, to fully take advantage of the lua scripting possiblities you might need to investigate the document further

This Documnetation will be a nice change from the old world of having to collect by hand and trial and error all the codes/hooks for scripting in OFP1/ARMA. With LUA depending on how it runs deep modders should be able to mod there own functions (script tags moveTo(X,Y,Z)). As noted simple map makers can do there work by dragging and dropping. Helios is just making note that the power is there for thoes who can and will harness it.

This is great news for modders!

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2009 0 360

Video gamer flashpoint interview

Found by Dk3DKnight earlier today was an interview which seemed to outline a few nice small pieces of information, none of which are massively effective but we do seem to have a small snippit (Below) which “could” and I repeat could mean they are still considering making a map editor for the consoles:

VideoGamer.com: What’s the latest on the mission editor? As far as I’m aware it’s PC only. Is there any chance it might come to the console versions as well?

TB: “It’s something we made a decision about a long time ago when we realised how difficult it was on the console. Never say never, but it’s a very tricky point.”

I’ll repeat that:

TB: In that respect, yep, it is a bit of a niggly point that the console gamers are annoyed with. Unfortunately it’s something we can’t do anything about at the moment. But never say never.

Still take as a pinch of salt but we can still cross our fingers and hope.



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2009 0 360

Helios notes more Editor infomation in the future

Moments ago Helios stated the following:

[in regards to the map editor] I have an inkling it was said somewhere previously that it is essentially the same tool that the designers are using to create the missions in the game.

We’ve got plenty more info releases regarding the PC mission editor planned for the future, so I’m confident most of your questions will be answered before the game is out.

He also responded to a members question regarding the editor.

So that means we have the tools to create missions as good as or perhaps even better than the ones that are already installed on the game.

Wow now that is a very appealing feature. I wonder if it will be possible for the community to create and share missions with each other? What I mean is say Helios for example created a cool mission could he upload the mission to the internet so that others could download and play that same mission?

If you’ve got the time and the ability then I’m sure it’s a possibility, we do have some very good level/mission designers working on the game of course though.

We’ve also got some exciting plans lined up regarding how the community will be able to share and distribute all the user created content.

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