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Unsure if this is a fake preview but if not it has a very nice piece of information on the page itself, it seems they have managed to grab themselves a piece of the download pie and got a small piece of information based on the multiplayer modes previously unknown to us:

“Page seems to have been taken down but it was claiming that there are two new multiplayer modes in the works for release as DLC”



Though media connections we can confirm this is not fake. Thanks Atheistium


Follow up leads to this message from the writer.

“The original article posted at GamerZines.com makes no mention of a further two multiplayer modes being released as free downloadable content. It describes the modes already included in the final game and, going by information provided to the media by Codemasters, speculates that further multiplayer modes may be released as downloadable content post-release.”
– Dave Scammell

I have not seen the post in question. So I’ll leave this up for Tyrokiller (original poster) to correct this message. Such is the fate with breaking news, as such no big issue – It’s how it rolls.


Found link to (newer?) working copy: http://www.gamerzines.com/ps3/news/dragon-rising-multiplayer-dlc.html

Here is a view of the Article: http://community.codemasters.com/forum/showpost.php?p=5494710&postcount=18

– Sir. Polaris

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2009 0 360

All New OFP:DR Interview With Clive Lindop

Many thanks to Baast from the Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising Forums for finding this new arcticle, courtesy of videogamers.com.

While there are no new screen shots, there is a lengthy interview with Clive Lindop. The interview contains the answers to questions that have been floating around for a while now. The two that jumped out the most were about the future DLC for the X-Box 360, an official response as to why ‘2′ was removed from the title, and news on the current status of the game, as well as new videos coming to us soon.

The article is a meaty four pages, and is well worth the read, as Clive gives some good, solid responses to some pretty tough questions.

The article can be read Here

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