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OFP:DR News Updates for Morning Aug/17/09


Just in from Helios is the announcement that the Demo is going to be “delayed”. Now only PC users post release will get a demo. It was noted this was done to improve quality of there final demo presentation.


Whilst we had originally planned to release a demo prior to launch, these plans have now had to be changed. The demo plans now are that we will now be releasing a single player and co-op demo on PC only post launch of the full game.

The main factor in this decision is to ensure that the full game gets 100% focus and attention before it’s released. We know how long many of you have waited for this game, and we want it to be as polished as it can possibly be for your enjoyment, and this is why the demo has had to be pushed back.

Readmore and comment at source.


Preview – Gamespot Updated MP Hands-On

Flanking the new video is a preview of the MP of OFP:DR. At a quick glance at the preview reads alot of CM’s marketing so use your judgment when reading, it seem alot of “hype”.


Just posted up now, and after reading the article it appears to be based on the console versions, though of course it is entirely possible to play 4v4 with AI teammates on the PC as well smile OFP:DR News Updates for Morning Aug/17/09

“Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising is about as far from run-and-gun action as you can imagine, and that slower pace will require a measure of patience on behalf of the player who will need to front-load lots of planning into a level before the bullets start flying. Those with a head for strategy, heads up: Dragon Rising is set for deployment on October 6.”


New Screens – 6 New screens from the PVP video

Found by Swooph





PVP Teaser Video

This video is 1:19 long and shows off MP skirmishing. The video is simple, however it shows a quick look Helicopter combat, draw distance, terrain quality, tank combat and urban fighting.

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2009 0 360

Demo announcement (Soon)

Well it seems that our cries for justice against the wave of “No demo” threads will finally be put to rest “That is if the announcement is there will be a demo released on …”. It seems that on facebook CM have posted a comment saying:

We will have an official demo announcement very soon…please hang tight.

The main irony is the fact that just as it was said a new thread appeared saying no demo. Maybe this message was set on a timer? :)



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