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Consoles to start with 4mp maps total.

Just when you though things couldn’t get worse, no editor, gear/units disappearing, limited game worlds, limited AI, timers, restrictions and the lot – Helios comes to us with another bombshell.

“At launch there will be 2 MP maps for each of the two game-modes (Annihilation & Infiltration) making a total of 4 MP maps.”

He follows up with “As we’ve already mentioned both on the forums and in interviews, there are plans underway to release additional MP maps for the console as DLC after the launch of the game”.

In my judgment most people look at what they are buying and it’s value – not value after patches. As well console users will most likly to see the DLC judging by CM’s speed in or around 4 months after release. If there is any major bugs, problems or revolutions all time will be devoted to stop the destruction, and DLC, will be slown while patches are being built. Two game modes is also quite limiting – all in all you have 4 choices when you start the game, every time for the first months.

CM knowing the current outrage will most likely move more staff now into DLC production to ensure they don’t do what is noted above. They will also most likly add DLC to patches or make the DLC a patch just to ‘tide people over’ months on end. Regardlesss of the near term outcome this has a high change of being a fatal blow to CM’s / OFP’s legacy. MP increases sales and the life of the game by light years, the death of MP is the death of OFP:DR.

With limited everything but modding in the editor for PC users, it’s looking grim.

– Sir. Polaris

Send your views here. Don’t worry about reading it – the thread starts on page 6.

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