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2009 1 360

All New Video And Interview featuring Sion Lenton From IGN.

Today has seen a very quiet and mild activity within the OFP: DR Forum Community, Why you ask?

Early this morning a member of the community figaRo, informed us to a possibility along with Helios’s posts last week that there maybe New Previews, Interviews And Videos coming to us shortly.

We can satisfyingly confirm these statements thanks to IGN’s New Video And Interview released moments ago.

The Video boasts all new, never seen in-game explosive material named “Ground Battle”. The Interview featuring Sion Lenton, Codemasters executive producer boasts a good set of Questions and Answers.

Although these new media articles are released to much hype and debate, a unique feature to this video is the possibility of a pushed back release date. At the end of this video a release date of Autumn 2009 is displayed.

Dev Update:


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All New Official Wallpapers And Avatars Introduced!

After a short break of new news we are extremely happy to bring you all new and official artwork from Codemasters, New Wallpapers and Avatars where announced by Helios over at the OFP: DR Forum Community.

Helios Announces:

OFP:DR Wallpapers

OFP:DR Avatars

Here’s the Wallpaper sample images,

3485986004 dcecbd660a m All New Official Wallpapers And Avatars Introduced!

3486001684 ce51ec18bc m All New Official Wallpapers And Avatars Introduced!

3485178557 3b60fdd46c m All New Official Wallpapers And Avatars Introduced!

3486004234 9e170e0377 m All New Official Wallpapers And Avatars Introduced!

3486006322 678b9466c5 m All New Official Wallpapers And Avatars Introduced!

3486008094 996b592a56 m All New Official Wallpapers And Avatars Introduced!

3486009998 57d88d6753 m All New Official Wallpapers And Avatars Introduced!

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Inside Games: Codemasters (BBC News)

Over the last few months the BBC News: Technology Reporter Daniel Emery has been investigating the Games Industry, Amongst the “Inside Games” articles found within the BBC News website, is an insight to one of the most successful, long lasting Game Developers Codemasters past, present and future standings.

Daniel Emery reports on Codemasters outstanding history,  strengths, the current climate and future. Along with Codemasters “Vice President” Gavin Cheshire’s current accounts.

“As a publisher, you need to stay focused as to what you actually are.”

Gavin Cheshire

In this report published by the BBC News, a video of Codemasters “Executive Producer” David Brickley giving his points of view for his job role, goals and achievements that a games producer would expect to do, Also covering how Codemasters intend to develop its futures technology and keep up with the ever competitive games market.

View the full article and video here

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OFP2 forums receives new ‘US Community Officer’

Here at OperationFlashpoint2.org we have discovered that there’s a new US Officer by the name of DefenderOne in town.

A Community Officer is a Codemasters employee that provides a level of connection from the CM office workers/developers to the people on the ground in the communities Codemasters runs.

Currently his account is idle, he/she has not spoke since his account was discovered. We are waiting for a formal announcement of his arrival from Helios. We expect that this public announcement will happen on Monday and provide our first look on this new ‘Officer’.

We wish DefenderOne a good time on the OFP2 forums, and we are sure he/she will make a fine addition to the collective team at Codemasters and on the forums. We look forward to working in hand with Defender as we do with Helios.

Source: DefenderOne’s account

### UPDATE ###

At 2:43 PM EST DefenderOne posted the following:

What’s up everybody? Thanks for the warm welcome smile OFP2 forums receives new US Community Officer – I’m certainly looking forward to getting up and running 100%. I’ll pop up an introductory post soon and get to know everyone! Rock on! – D1

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OFP:DR “most extensive marketing investment ever”

Posted by Community member PhilipLarkin is a new article from MVC in which CM speaks of the largest marketing plan to date.

“Operation Flashpoint is set to benefit from the publisher’s largest ever marketing spend on a single title.”

“We are rolling out Codemasters’ highest impact campaigns across the titles, with Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising representing our most extensive marketing investment ever,” said UK general manager Jeremy Wigmore.

“In addition, Codemasters has recruited Jon Tibble as UK sales manager and Ben Croucher as UK trade marketing manager.

Tibble joins the firm after spending eight years at Vivendi Games, most recently as UK sales manager, and has also held roles at Gauntlet Entertainment and Ingram Micro. In his new role, Tibble will be responsible for all UK and Irish sales, and will report directly to general manager Jeremy Wigmore.

Ben Croucher joins after spending four years on Ubisoft’s trade marketing team. He will now be responsible for product visibility and pre-sell incentives across all UK retail chains for Codemasters’ upcoming products. Croucher will also report to Wigmore.

Source: http://www.mcvuk.com/news/33749/Codemasters-plots-biggest-ever-push-for-09

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