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Co-Op Video to be released tomorrow [Xbox 360]

Helios 1h ago announced the release of long awaited for Co-Op video will be tomorrow. The Video is expected to drop tomorrow at approximately 2pm BST/9am EST.

As always there will be a video and IRC party for all the fans. 9am is early for North American people (6am PST/7am MST/8am CST/9am EST). However the part will get on shortly as they (and my self) wake up.

To read the full quote from Helios and see the two new screens, read more. (more…)

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Operation Flashpoint Co-Op Video Finally Released

Thanks to all the 110+ people chilling out in IRC for keeping me and other company during the wait.

Thanks for to Shaz for uploading this video,

We all await GameStar.de to hunt him down and kill him – but such is life, so view often and make a backup :D .

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A video first look at Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising Co-op

Posted a few hours ago was the first look video at Co-op Gameplay. It is a excerpt from the longer GameStar.de video and no one in the community seems to have access to. This video is two minutes long, the full version can be found here (pending you have a premium account): Gamestar.de – The video shows combat assaulting a small unwalled base in tall grass. The overall impression from the comments has so far been fairly negative. This video shows medic healing, weapon sway and artillery call in. There has been some screen grabs photos uploaded as well and they are found below.

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New 500mb Video Inbound from GamesCom

Apparently our German comrad illuminator has got his hands on a 20min gameplay Video at around 4am EST. There is no sound and there is only German commentary. However it’s apparently nice stuff, a new mission and filmed in assisted gamemode.

It is apparently being uploaded. Illuminator had the following early comments:

  • Yeah, there are buildings with more than one floors.
  • Multi level destruction (player destroyed nearly a tower, the half still stands)
  • If you die in the coop mode, your view switch to one of your team mates in third view
  • If you got a headshot and it’s not possible to heal you, you will be reanimate when one of your team mates reach the next checkpoint (checkpoints are not available in Hardcore Gamemode)


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Xbox 360 System Link

Moments ago Helios confirmed “That 4 player co-op on Xbox 360 will be available via system link”


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