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11/08/09 Question time with Lauren

We have recently had contact with someone who went to the event in london last friday whom has agreed to talk about her time in flashpoint on the IRC and answer any questions that you may have, the discussion can be found here.

If you do enter IRC to ask any questions then can you please not spam or attempt to abuse anyone during your time and follow all of the rules of the IRC chat.

IRC is located here.

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IRC party Friday!

As with all releases there will be a IRC party where we will shoot the breeze, talk and get to know each other and perhaps get in a few rounds of OFP1, while we wait on the new information. Everyone works together and like the last few releases – we get the information first, even before the forums have a post. So make sure to show up and meet some people while you wait for information. Sure beats hitting F5 by your self.

Name: Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising – Official Release Date Party.
Date: July 17, 2009
Time: 8am to 5pm UK GMT – Ends whenever the release date is given.
Location: #OFP2.Gamesurge.net

This Friday the release date for OFP:DR will be given. We want you to come count down with conversation and mass refreshing as we wait for the world wide release of the date of this highly anticipated game. We are hoping to break the channel record of 87 fans in the room at a single time. So invite everyone you know!

Everyone hopes to see you there. Please don’t be shy! Come chat or at the very least sit and watch and help break the record.

To join us at any time (24/7) just click the link below:

Mibbit (Web IRC) Connection Link

IRC Client Hotlink

About IRC:
IRC is short for Internet relay chat. IRC is effectively the grandfather of modern chatrooms and instant messaging clients. Operation Flashpoint 2 operates a channel in which members speak in real time with each other. This link above will connect you there. Please note allot of members idle. Communication may not be instant when you first join, please speak and wait for others to talk. Please ensure you are respectful of others. The Channel #OFP2 has many members that are there every day of the week at different times, try rejoining at different times to meet new people.

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Two new ingame video’s

Two new in-game video’s have been released, One is from an German Preview, and one has been captured at the E3.

The [HQ] French E3 Video (Pretty long):

The [HD] German Preview video:

Both video’s came as a bit of a surprise. The First French video shows 5 full minutes of footage. The soldiers also speak with a little accent. In the special build mission, the squad is going to blow up a radar station, on a smaller island near the coast of Skira Island.

Helios also announced the grass detail distance can be changed by the user himself; you can find the announcement here

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New Hands on preview from 360zine

USMC in GrassApproch

360zine just published a new 3 page hands-on preview. It contains quite a lot of information and two new screens. We have uploaded a the new preview to ScribD and Flickr for your viewing pleasure.

The article is definitely worth reading. There are a couple of quotes in it too:

“Those brought up on Call of duty will find that running and gunning gets you absolutely nowhere”

“Enemy AI is top drawer, moving out of sight or range when fired upon and often surprising you with clever flanking manoeuvres”

360zine preview cites the game is 80% complete and scored it 90% on “First Impressions”.

To view the article with only the OFP2 parts visible click more.


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No more news or IRC Party for today.

Once again the OFP2 community is quick on getting the news, before it even been released. Today was supposed to be screens and a preview article. Both have been released ahead of the party schedule of 4pm EST [9pm GMT].

With this light there is no reason for continue with a release party as the release information is already known. There will still be OFP2 related discussion on IRC, just no party today. Below is a summery of the second half of the major media release.

Eurogamer – Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising Preview
6 new screens found

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Reminder more content and IRC Party to come!

For more widgets please visit www.yourminis.com

This Friday, February 20th 2009 at 9pm GMT [4PM EST]. The last part of the first major OFP2 news release will be released.

There will be a Release Party on #OFP2 Community Chat (IRC) leading up to and trailing after the official release moment.

The above count down timer is for the meaty second part of the news release. Once again don’t miss out by not being on IRC, and check back with Flickr or this website for the screenshots that are bound to be uploaded.

As allways if you can’t make the event, or want all your news delivered to your inbox – as it happens. Make sure to sign up for e-mail alerts. Currently 91 people including 3 members from Codemasters use it. It is a great tool and service and it lets me make sure you don’t miss out.

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IRC Chat Transcript from Feb/19/09

IRC Chat Transcript – Feb/19/09

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Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising unveils EGO tech video and new visual identity

New OFP2 Logo

Released today as part 1 of the major news release comes a release of a “studio insight video”. This video showcases the cutting edge technology in Operation Flashpoint 2.

(Either JavaScript is not active or you are using an old version of Adobe Flash Player. Please install the newest Flash Player.)var flashvars = {}; var params = {}; var attributes = {};params.allowfullscreen = “true”; params.allowscriptaccess = “always”;swfobject.embedSWF(“http://www.youtube.com/v/N-GGD8U_z1Q”,”swfidac763a471ab1df7b08de5045bbe01a23″,”425″,”355″,”9.0.0″,”http://operationflashpoint2.org/wp-content/plugins/pb-embedflash/swf/expressInstall.swf”,flashvars,params,attributes);

Download the HD footage from Filefront

Also released where High Res pictures of the new box art for all platforms. As well tweaked the logo of the top of the official forums.

OFP2 PS3 Box ArtOFP2 PC Box ArtOFP2 Xbox360 Box Art


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First news segment to be released in 30 minutes

In 30 minutes 9:00 AM EST the first of the Major news will be released. Stay tuned to this website or join the party in IRC for the latest updates.

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Helios visits IRC for a 4th time

The UK Snow Storm has cause allot of trouble. One side benefit is that Helios could not get to work today.

Helios is was in IRC from some time early Eastern Standard Time (EST). During which time he was talking and idleing, he left around 1pm EST.

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