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Helios Talks about AI complaints in recent videos

Hi all,

I know quite a few members are concerned at some of the AI shown in recent preview videos, but I feel that the vast majority of you are missing one vital point.


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23/07/09 – A.I. Commands

A new A.I. command has just been revealed by Helios, this new command is the ability to assault a building. At the minuite we only know that it is assault a building but it is likely to have multiple options. (Much like that of the artillery firing ability of barrage etc…)

So if this holds true we may see different types of assaulting an ability such as (Speculative) Stealthy assault etc…

The game has an “assault building” command that instructs your fireteam to enter and secure a building.



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Helios emphasizes E3 demo isn’t final yet

Regarding the complains about the E3 video, Helios made a new news post where he writes:

– AI
– Bullet hit damage to player
– Number of hits enemy soldiers can take before dying
– Recoil on the weapons
– Camera shake when sprinting

These aspects of the game are still WIP, and work is being done over the summer to refine and balance these.

Helios also writes about the graphical aspect of the game:

– Muzzle flash maybe too large
– Smoke from large explosions doesn’t seem to linger for that long (~5 seconds)

Particle effects are not finalised yet, visually and optimisation wise

Helios also notes the game will be optimized through this summer.

You can find Helios’ original post here

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