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A video first look at Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising Co-op

Posted a few hours ago was the first look video at Co-op Gameplay. It is a excerpt from the longer GameStar.de video and no one in the community seems to have access to. This video is two minutes long, the full version can be found here (pending you have a premium account): Gamestar.de – The video shows combat assaulting a small unwalled base in tall grass. The overall impression from the comments has so far been fairly negative. This video shows medic healing, weapon sway and artillery call in. There has been some screen grabs photos uploaded as well and they are found below.

Things to note:

  • This video should just is a small overview of the co-op gameplay and doesn’t represent the whole mission.
  • You’ll be seeing some footage from this mission in the next official video by the way – It’s very intense stuff!
  • The circle in the bottom right corner absolutely shows the positions of your team mates within a certain radius.
    • Helios: It also indicates to you the distance you are allowed in-game to stray from your other fireteam members (don’t worry, it’s a long way) before the game punishes you for it.
    • It’s on all modes, as it’s pretty essential that will need to know how far you can stray from your teammates. It only gives you a rough indication of where they are though so it doesn’t detract really from the hardcore experience of the toughest difficulty level

Link for Non HTML Clients

Rough Translation from 1ntersept:

Codemasters set up a small firing range at the huge ESL stand, where we could test the Co-op for the first time. The Team consists of two members of the CM developer team and two members of the gamestar magazine. One of them takes over the part of the Medic. The Mission is called “Operation Eagle” and the main target is to capture an airport and defend it. On the way to the airport we have to take out two enemy tanks. The CM developer which is packed with the Anti Tank launcher is very familiar with it and knows this situation very well. Shortly after that we have to daff a road block aside. Therefor the hq provides us some mortar fire. We don’t ask twice and use it to blow the road block up. Afterwards our AAVP arrived, unloaded more soldiers and together we go for the airport. Our mission is to capture the control tower, but there is a lot of enemy movement. Anyway to get more into action I direct my teammates right into the enemy position. I got hit, but after a couple of seconds I’m back on feet .>. Thank god the medic revived me. Continuing to the control tower where… what there happened you will find out at the 8th of October.

Follow up reply by Helios:

Firstly just wanted to point out that when playing in co-op all the human players are in the same fireteam, just it seemed that some people thought that in co-op each human player commanded their own fireteam which is not the case.

Due to technical constraints the tether distance in co-op is 275m, but this shouldn’t impact at all on the realism of the game, as in reality USMC 4 man fireteams are trained to stick together as a unit and support each other without becoming separated by too great a distance.

Also I can confirm that in SP the tether is not present and you can separate as far you’d like from your other fireteam members if you wish, though of course this is not recommended and will normally result in a quick death!


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