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A first look at the PC exclusive editor and MP map size – 3 screens

The Screens

Editor 1 Editor 2 Editor 3

Helios’ Message

I know a few people were wondering how large the map sizes would be in MP, so I’ve managed to acquire these below images which should help show off the scale of the maps you will be playing on in PvP MP in the game.

[Read More – Commentary and more information]

The 3 images show different zoom levels of the same play area.

PC users will be able to move the square play area on show in the first image to wherever they like on the map to create their own custom MP PvP play areas  smile A first look at the PC exclusive editor and MP map size   3 screens

Striped area is the warning zone, where like you say you will be warned you are exiting the play area but won’t be punished.

My Commentary

What you see above in the top screens reads to me a byproduct for coding for the Xbox. In all the disappointments recently one thing seemed to be a common strain. It looks like to me that things where reduced due to limitations of consoles. We need for consoles: limited worlds, shorter ‘detail’ rendering distances, shorter fighting/conflict distances, reduced draw distances, AI with horrifically poor accuracy, gamplay supportive of non quick moving or firing players – to support controller play. All which sums up to OFP1 vets, current ARMA2 players and PC realism players in general as reskined Arcade title or half baked realism title.

Looking at the facts we are given a 4km world box that we can move around to make “zones”. This upside to this style is that it will most likely inspire quick and effective “maps” to be made. The limited area will lead to more focused development by PVP mission makers, as well as a player you’ll know what to expect when you enter a PVP map, Example: that you will not have to run 6km to your first objective, because some one took all the jeeps. As well, seeing how most OFP1 MP maps where for the most part less then 2km fighting ranges (Co-Op is not limited like this) the game can offload the rest of the island.

However, seeing how it’s not a choice to “Increase performance” – but a mandatory fixed limitation, it now causes a host of issues. Ignoring the travel time issue – which if your not impatient like the current generation of arcade gamers, walking/flying from a base should not be a issue. Ignoring the travel time aspect this means we are left problems such as: for island designers ‘key land marks’ and ‘fighting bases’ will need to be 2km away or less from each other. It means we cannot have island domination/capturing, we cannot do a ‘life mod’ where you can play on the server in a non combat role, we are limited when filming, stunting, racing, and doing anything thats not Co-Op. Even though the game (PC) supports 32 + AI (although this may be incorrect if PVP means pure human vs human) we cannot have base to base skirmishing at any distance then down the road, then though 256 in world players would make the conflict reasonably intence (pending the AI on your side is not as bad as the Campaign AI).
I know from WW2OL that limited area fighting works. If your object is in the centrer of town or down a road, because of respawning and location it turns countless options of attack into really only one option – which is to drive from your place to there place in a near straight line. Large flanks just give them time to react to you, and even if you ambush them, they will respawn and defeat you in the time it takes you to close the gap. The key is to move in, establish a front line, muster forces and on a screw up or large loss of available man power, quickly move in and overwhelm.


As your reinforcements – reinforce continue the pressure, muster, and then repeat in waves. You never really flank super hard left or right – you do flank but very often 2km out of your way. The only time I have ever flanked a town that much was to drive a armoured core to cut off reinforcements to a city, we drove around the AT gun visual ranges.

Red Orchestra is another example of that shows a “arena” style fighting system similar to what OFP:DR is implementing. Small to med-large arena maps where you fight in the near middle and work the map to engage the enemy. You focus more on fighting and winning by pushing though the map as a team vs fighting the world via driving, walking and waiting for pickups. Combat is quick lethal and engaging, the game rewards quick rushing and agressive play after periods of defence.

closecombat.jpg image by panzerpenguin

Regardless this limitation means – we can’t do. Can’t do is a limitation that will shape how OFP:DR grows. I’m sure we can just mod it out, if it’s not there for co-op then remove it and lie to the game and say this PVP match is co-op. Worse comes to worse some one mods in god mode for things outside of the lines so racing and filming can happen. The problem is, if the server offloads the data – there wont be much after the lines.

With that my current verdict is 4km squared is ‘ok’ – to me if you look at the screens, it looks pathetically small – considering how far some one can engage from. I understand it will usher in a new team focused gaming style and most likely remove from play all the problems of “getting to fighting” in OFP/ARMA2 – everyone has had them 10min walks or 12mins at base waiting for a Helio, only to be TK’ed and have it stolen. I am just disappointed as now we are once again further limited and limitations are in no way in the spirit of OFP1. The best I can hope for is that judgment call while pushing this game to a further arcade and less simulation route will increase playability and give people more of what they want (fighting) and less of logistics management and unfortunately strategic planning. It just disappointing we cannot play on the whole map or with slightly larger conflict areas. I also worry just how arena style are we going to get – while it worked for Ghost Recon, Rainbow Six and RO and I’m sure it’s whats best for OFP:DR – we leave our roots of Conflict simulation and pick up the title as “Realism Shooter”.

So, thats my perspective on the issue – I know many people are disappointed and a few are happy. I guess as a old OFP Vet I was never expecting such a huge limitation at least not for PC. Nor did I exspect CM to make this PC centered title, a Xbox centered title.

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