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2009 0 360

Weapons Trailer and Possible Release Date

Video Games | Operation Flashpoint: DR | Exclusive Weapons Trailer HDXBox 360 | Playstation 3 | Nintendo Wii

Released at 9pm EST. Take a sneak peek at the arsenal that will be at your disposal in Dragon Rising.

I guess this means a low turnout for the party :( , I’ll still be there incase Helios brings us goodies. The current noted release date on Game Trailers is September 30, 2009, while the video is OCT 06 we will confirm with Helios tomorrow.

3728563590 e910aec36b Weapons Trailer and Possible Release Date


From Helios:

As promised, today we are pleased to announce that Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising will be shipping on October 6th in North America and releasing on October 8th through EPAC territories with a October 9th street date in the UK.

To celebrate the announcement of the release date, we are releasing a new “Armoury” video (which most of you have seen! tongue Weapons Trailer and Possible Release Date) showcasing the devastating effects of the authentic modern weapon systems which gamers can deploy in Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising’s intense battles.

The video is now available to view and download from www.flashpointgame.com

Finally to round things off we have also released a brand new set of screenshots from the PC version, again showing off some of the weaponry you’ll be able to get your hands on in the game.

3728362235 97960ae508 Weapons Trailer and Possible Release Date

3729165232 401cd3f1a9 Weapons Trailer and Possible Release Date

3729165346 001c81c590 Weapons Trailer and Possible Release Date

3728362147 34edb76e2f Weapons Trailer and Possible Release Date

3728362571 d169bbf1ea Weapons Trailer and Possible Release Date

Updated at 10:17

Discussion here

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2009 1 360

Intel – Geek Out – Interview and Particle Emitter Demo

OFP2 Particle Effects Simulation

Intel – Geek Out – Interview and Particle Emitter Demo

Posted moments ago by Helios was a link to a Intel sponsored interview with a flash tech simulator. This simulator shows you how Particle emitters work in games, and allows you to make your own explosion. It is really quite the fun and has a good level of depth.

http://OperationFlashpoint2.org is looking to see your submissions, please post in the comments in this news post your creations – we want to see them!

In this exclusive interview with Intel Game On, Codemasters’ Andrew Dennison, Rendering Group Lead on Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising explains why, if you want realism, you don’t just need a capable graphics card, you need a powerful CPU.

The Geekout notes a second interview. The next interview will be in regards to the very important AI path finding code.

The questions have been reposted for archival purposes below.


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IRC party Friday!

As with all releases there will be a IRC party where we will shoot the breeze, talk and get to know each other and perhaps get in a few rounds of OFP1, while we wait on the new information. Everyone works together and like the last few releases – we get the information first, even before the forums have a post. So make sure to show up and meet some people while you wait for information. Sure beats hitting F5 by your self.

Name: Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising – Official Release Date Party.
Date: July 17, 2009
Time: 8am to 5pm UK GMT – Ends whenever the release date is given.
Location: #OFP2.Gamesurge.net

This Friday the release date for OFP:DR will be given. We want you to come count down with conversation and mass refreshing as we wait for the world wide release of the date of this highly anticipated game. We are hoping to break the channel record of 87 fans in the room at a single time. So invite everyone you know!

Everyone hopes to see you there. Please don’t be shy! Come chat or at the very least sit and watch and help break the record.

To join us at any time (24/7) just click the link below:

Mibbit (Web IRC) Connection Link

IRC Client Hotlink

About IRC:
IRC is short for Internet relay chat. IRC is effectively the grandfather of modern chatrooms and instant messaging clients. Operation Flashpoint 2 operates a channel in which members speak in real time with each other. This link above will connect you there. Please note allot of members idle. Communication may not be instant when you first join, please speak and wait for others to talk. Please ensure you are respectful of others. The Channel #OFP2 has many members that are there every day of the week at different times, try rejoining at different times to meet new people.

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In-game weather

A post by helios recently has suggested an update on this front later today, once posted this post will be updated.


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Upcoming release date announced

Helios just announced that the official release date (Yes, A date, not a period) will be announced on the upcoming Friday, in the early morning, to be precise. Helios also told us there’ll be a new video, showing the Armoury of Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising. Helios also promised us a brand new set of screenshots. To “Get a whet appetite” Helios also posted 2 new screenshots.

Screenshot 1

PLA – Type95 self propelled anti-aircraft gun, viewed through binoculars

Screenshot 2

US – Abrams M1A2 main battle tank, with AH1Z Super Cobra attack helicopter in air

Full size screenshots can (of course) be found on Flickr.


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New screenshot found

Hero FCOPZ-Illuminator found us a new screenshot, originally posted on the german site “www.esl.eu/de” as exclusive screenshot.

ESL Screen

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Sound team Q&A 07-07-2009

At approximately 09:36 AM: Helios got a list of replies to some questions the community had asked, the questions and answers are here and the discussion area is here.


Member: Staticks

Is all the sound effects for this trailer fake and prerecorded? By that, I mean are they recorded specifically to make this trailer feel more seamless and cinematic?

Because I’m very very skeptical that the final game will have sound effects this good and realistic (e.g., the gentle shuffling of your weapon as you look down your scope, the hard footsteps on the grass, the heavy breathing after sprinting, and the good, appropriate-sounding voice acting of the commander shouting “enter that building” or “we need to fall back”)

I’m skeptical, because the sound effects sound way too good and seamless and realistic to be true. I haven’t heard sound effects this realistic even in COD games.”

“Everything you hear in this trailer is in-game assets. No additional weapons or ambiance was recorded specifically for this trailer. Incoming fire sounds like that in game, Foley (the movement of clothing and so on) is from the game. So when you raise your gun up to aim in game, you will hear that movement sound detail. IMO we haven’t perfected it yet, but we have put a lot of effort into the speech to try and make it sound natural and humanistic in-game. So although a lot of it is made from smaller parts it sounds like natural speech.”

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Thriller and Anticipation

OFP:DR Thriller
Uploaded by 1MysticG. – Check out more gaming videos. Written by Tyrokiller in: Community Related News, New Video | Tags: , , , ,
2009 1 360

Things To Notice In Fear And Anticipation

A Guest News Article by PhilipLarkin. Edited by OFP2.ca for readability and corrections. (9 images)


I am PhilipLarkin. I was bored so I watched the new trailer over and over, snapped some pics, and put some pointers on. Enjoy!


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4 new screens from CM.

Fear 1

Fear 2

Fear 3

Fear 4

Thanks goes to Polish Community Fansite owner Red_153D, for posting it on the forum.


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